Final Fantasy XIII

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    I know I'm late to the party.... by like a year... but if you buy games late you save money and being a gamer is expensive 8)

    I just played through this for the first time and it was indeed awesome. This game was definitely a throw back to 10 so I guess it matters if you liked that game or not. I liked how the level up system was greatly improved giving you a lot of difficult choices with the crystal power-ups over the linear sphere grid in 10. The battle system was also a throw back to 10-2 using the ATB with another unique spin on it.

    The story has its pros and cons. It's not the plot that I had a problem with, it's the dialogue. FF12 really set the bar high for smart, witty and awesome dialogue. But here I cringed a few times... I mean...

    "Mom's are tough"
    "Your hero has arrived"
    and pretty much any time Vanille opens her mouth

    Which is a shame because the story is an interesting one and does a good job at tying together everyone's fate.

    But I guess a character like Vanille is to be expected for some God awful reason I can't understand. Every game has a whiny brat you wanna slap. You can guarantee that if games before 10 had voice actors you'd wanna mute the TV whenever Yuffie, Selphie, etc spoke. Although to be fair, Penelo in FF12 was likable and definitely tolerable. After FF12 I was hoping Rikku was the last we'd see of the annoying, energetic, bratty young character. But I guess I was wrong, LOL.

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