Movies you finally saw and was like holy crap this is bad

Discussion in 'Films, TV, Music, Books, Etc.' started by used44, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Oh yeah, kick-ass was good too!

    I should jsut remove my Cage statement.
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    Nic Cage was also in Raising Arizona, the Coen Bros. most criminally underrated movie, and The Rock, a damn fine action film from Bruckheimer/Bay, before they got all CGI 'splosion-tastic. Also, he was in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation. (Disclaimer: I have not seen Leaving Las Vegas or Adaptation, but they are supposed to be good).

    I think that his problem is that he runs the gamut of very good performances in very good movies (Raising Arizona) to awful performances in awful movies (Wicker Man, Ghost Rider), and everything in between (National Treasure, etc.). In fact, I can't think of another actor whose best performances are so far removed from his worst.
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    He was also quite good in Matchstick Men. Doesn't change the fact that he's awful.

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