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    Ocato scanned the tavern for an empty chair. the bar was almost full and it would be easy to remain unnoticed. pushing his way through the ruffians and drunks he made his way to the corner of the bar. only one table was open and there were empty beer mugs all over it. he sat down in one of the two chairs and pulled out some food for Arguile.

    {You'd best eat, my friend, for when my friend arrives i will be too distracted to give you any more.} Ocato transfered the thought to the fox through the ring. it wasnt even five minutes until one of the drunks made his way to the table.

    "Well wouldsh you look what we got here? who do you shink you are thittin at my dern table?" the brutish man said. Ocato had hoped to avoid this. he could only keep his guise going for so long.

    "Welsh, you gonna ansher, pall" Ocato had to distract the man. he couldn't bare to lose his cover yet.

    "Yous got a lot of nerve, buddy! you betta leave now!" He was running out of time. Ocato held up a glass and offereed the man a drink hoping to maybe get on his good side. the thug grabbed the glass and chugged down the beer and wiped his mouth.

    "You shink thats gonna get you off the hook? I shaid get OUT!" he yelled.

    "And get shyour furred vermin outta here!" he kick arguile against the wall. The moment his foot made contact with the fox, Ocato was up twirling his fingers at his forehead. he then took his thumb and dragged it from his forehead to the bottom right part of his chin, to the top of his left ear. the illusion over his face faded and his scarred and sealed mouth was revealed. he glared at the drunk and spoke to him through his ring.

    {You will leave this bar and city or I will make you leave this plane of existence} A bluff that Ocato knew would make the man flee for his life. And if the threat did not get through to him, his scarred visage would. the man stumbled out of the bar in fear. Ocato then quickly turned and casted the Illusionary spell again. a few twists of his wrist and a flick of his thumb across his face brought the spell to bare again. he sat back down. He was fortunate that no one had seen him scare the brute off. arguile limped back to his seat next to his master.

    {I should have acted quicker my friend, I am truly sorry} he pet the fox gently and handed him another treat. Ocato sat for another hour, watching the patrons enter and leave, joke with their friends, and tell of grand battles with impossible odds that they had won. Ocato was disgusted by them. liars and braggarts the lot of them. He couldn't stand them. The delicacy of a well mannered conversation was lost on people like these patrons. his thoughts were interupted as a man walked up to his table and sat down. He had grey hair tied back and had an eye patch.his face was covered in scars. He wore what looked like thin, black armor with silver trim. his face was blank. He placed a coin on the table, heads up showing the face of High Chancellor Warren Mar. Ocato smiled.

    {Baallock, how long has it been} Ocato relayed to his old friend.

    "Lets see. Three years after your exile... eighty-six years!" Baallock said with a warm look on his face.

    {Thats far too long, my old comrade. Tell me, how are things back in Deep Talo. Have the Houses finally wiped each other out.} Ocato asked, knowing the answer.

    "Not yet, but their likely to collapse under Odessa's rule. Septa-Spita will not hold up long if she keeps trying to over throw the other houses. But come now, this is not why we have come to meet each other. You said something about needing my help in your letter. What do you require?". the mention of the houses seemed to grab the attention of some of the bars patrons, but a dirty look from Baallock had them facing their appropriate directions in moments. Baalock leaned in waiting for the relply.

    {I may have found someone who can fund my search a bit more addiquitly then my last sponsor, but he is going to require a bit of "persuading". Is there any chance I could get a few troops to help me storm the walls of his.....stubborness} Ocato's fake mouth smiled a wry grin. Baallock frowned a bit too. Baallock was going to require a bit of persuading as well.
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    Don't worry PsionicSoldier, we're gonna get to you. We just need to kick some Pirate butts first!"

    "Fire!" Yelled Captain "Steel Beard" to his cannoneers.
    "Fire!" Yelled Weyland as his ship appeared out of nowhere in between the slave ship and the pirates.
    "Fire!" Yelled the captain of the S.S "Lavalier" to his armed militia.
    "F***!" Yelled a poor Slave before receiving a cannonball straight to his face.

    Braw poked his head out and looked out with his scope. It was a sight to be seen. Four ships, each of different nationality, design and armament, were waging an all out war. Bullets from guns were flying everywhere, canons shots trembled the sea, sailors with sabers in their mouth were swinging from rope to boat. And to top all of that, the storm was gathering. It was getting bigger and bigger, looking more threatening at each sight. The wind was getting stronger and lightnings flashed every minutes before a great thunder sound occurred afterward.

    Braw sneaked back behind the ledge.
    "So... now what?" Asked the sea sick Affan as he's holding his mouth.
    "Well", the Yankee answered, "I think this is the time where we spread our legs, kneel down and kiss our A** goodbye!"
    "Sorry to disappoint you", said Matthias, "but we can't die right now. At least not yet. We have to think of something."

    As the party was were pondering, they were quickly interrupted by a commotion: "We got one! Hey! Get the captain!"
    The three men looked at each other and then rushed to the lower deck. That's when they saw a one-armed Yankee, all tied up while Biggs the crew member was holding a poster next to his face. It had a crude drawing of the prisoner with a warning written underneath it. Wedge was reading it out loud:
    "Wanted! "Breaks-Rocks-with-feet" A dangerous Yankee Pirate wanted for 1: murder of more then 100 men; 2: the pillaging of Dennese Ports and ships, Cetylene Ports and ships and of Skilvgard and Yankees registered privateers; 3: various kidnapping, extortion and blackmail. A reward of 10000 rupees is given for his capture or death."

    The two crew member gazed at each other and smiled.
    "10000! My god we're rich! oh wait, it says something under it: Last seen boarding as a quartermaster for the dreaded captain Silver beard "Tall-like-mountain of the shady plains tribe" or known under the alias "Captain steel beard". Steel beard! Oh no!

    Wedge jumped back and fell on his back. "Why in the blazing hell is "Steel beard" doing here? he'll cut out throat! We're doomed!"
    The quartermaster laughed:
    "Pff! You sea worms got nothing to fear. He's only here for that darn slave ship. God knows what he wants in there!"
    after hearing that, Braw twirled his mustache and hummed: "Interesting..."

    The ship's captain walked down the metal stairs. He looked around and stare straight to the captive's eye.
    "Move out of the way, Biggs!" He ordered.
    Right after Biggs step on the side, the old captain pulled out a gun and shot a bullet straight into the lungs of the quartermaster.
    "You're... But... A... You d***!..." After he cursed, Breaks-Rocks-with-feet, the abandoned Quartermaster, drew his last breath before slamming his face on a pool of his blood.

    "A good Yankee is ALWAYS a dead Yankee." With that, the captain put back his gun in his holster before giving an icy stare again to Braw and leaving back to command his troop.
    "Thank good the reward is also given upon death..." Muttered Wedge to Biggs as he pulled the corpse to the ship's meat freezer.

    "Well, that was fun and all..." Pointed out the Stingar. "But that didn't help us out, we're still gonna die... i guess."
    Braw twirled his mustache fiercely.
    "Actually, it may have givin' me a plan to get us movin' again", he said. "If that criminal told the truth, all we have to do is help the pirates..."
    "WHAT!" both cried out Affan and Matthias.
    "Well, hold to yer horses i said! Not help them completely! That man confirmed the rumor: Silver beard here wants his daughter back, so she got to be on that slave ship. It's the only reason why he would attack that weak looking ship. So if, let's say, the slavers were to be "convinced" to release her, the pirates will be back on their way to lootin' and drinkin', leavin' us alone, ain't i right?"

    Matthias rolled his eyes. "You forgot one part in this plan", he corrected. "What's to keep us safe from the pirates after they got her? They're Pirates! I doubt they will say thank you and give us a pat on the back! What if they see us and say: "Hey! let's cut the throat of these three losers who tried to take the captain's daughter from us then drink and get merry!" God, you should think this through..."

    Braw sat down then stood straight back up.
    "Wait! I got it! Let's do this: Let's stop them from making this storm! We should sneak up onto their ships and stop the shamans from dancing. Then, we get this ship around and make like a tree..."
    Matthias sighed:
    "Again, the pirates. What's to stop them from catching up on us, especially after we stop them from dancing..."
    "Oh right..." said the Yankee. "Guess we're left with no choice: let's show the captain that this is ridiculous, leave the scene and get back to the sea... Oh what am i kidding, he hates my guts and wants to kill my kind some more..."

    As the cries of men dying echoed throughout the sea and the ships canons burst out shells to their enemies, our heroes were still busy making up a plan.

    "Wait," remarked Affan. "How about all of the above?"
    Matthias and Braw looked at him puzzled.
    "Listen to me, what if we manage to free the daughter, convinced her to make some sense to her father and meanwhile, some of us sneaked on their ship and stop their dancing and while the father will be too busy to argue with her daughter, we kick the captain out and set sails to land! How about that?"

    "It's insane!" Yelled out Matthias. "That's suicide! Am i the only one making sense here?"
    But Braw took the Stingar's side:
    "Actually... it may work... if we give a prayer or two... and if that storm does stop and they get distracted... Heck! We might not get hunted down too! Give this furry a cigar!"

    Matthias stomped the floor.
    "You can't all be serious right? It's impossible for us to do this one at the time..."
    "That's when we make a party of three!" Added Affan. "Let's divide all of us: One will go to the slave ship and get the girl, another one will stop the shamans and the last one should take control of this ship! It's possible!"

    He then chuckled:
    "And can i point out that i am "the best diplomat for the opposite sex"? I bet that captain's daughter is a beauty!"
    "Yeah... actually... about that..." Braw said as he was scratching his head. "Her name is "Slams-with-one-hand"... and she's well... big."
    "Big?" Said Affen as he shown gesture on his chest.
    "Oh no... BIG" Corrected the Yankee while he was doing gestures over his head. "Wait hold on."
    He climbed up a pole.
    "BIG like this." He finally said while reaching up his hand the farthest above his head as Affan's eyes grew wider in shock. "Oh and her name is about how she crushed a bandit who called her a liar... and bare handed... and she was 10... But i was told she's quite smart and quite the beautiful gal despise her animal like behavior and her huge size. Why, I herd the united pirate committee did name her "Miss princess of the sea"... after she crushed her opponents and..."
    "Ahhh forget it!"

    Matthias scratched his head.
    "What a dumb plan... but whatever! Let's do this! I don't want to die on this ship and i want to get this ship moving. So how are we going to decide who's going where?"

    That's when Braw pulled out a straw...
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    "Just throw that straw away. I'll sneak in to stop those shamans. I'm the best at that after all. Somehow the daughter lost all her appeal on me..... You take care of the her ok? But how I get aboard the ship?"

    Braw and Matthias looked eachother and then back to Affan with an mysterious smile on their faces.......


    "Oh no.. You can't be serious" Affan panicked as he was being squeezed inside the largest cannon they could find on the ship.
    "I'll swim, I'll do anything other than this!"

    "Impossible in this storm and you can't even swim, so you would drown immediatly anyway." Braw was clearly enjoying the situation. "Now huss and take it like a furry cannonball, you are haha!"

    "I would use your bloated corpse as a raft you idiOOOOooooooooooOTTttttt..........."

    "Bye Affan! See you soon!" Braw waved as Affan was flying trough the stormy sky.

    "Wait. Did you even take aim?" Matthias asked.

    "..... Oops."
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    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I was waiting for the perfect time, then I fell to far back. Oh well, gotta make it up sometime

    The noise from outside the room finally peaked Rakon's interest. He knew that if he left the room, and was spotted by pretty much anybody, he would be done for. But he managed to escape death once before, so he was feeling pretty lucky. Also, the lighter ran out of fluid.

    He opened the door to find nothing but chaos. People were running back and forth through the halls, some shouting "We're all gonna die!!!" Despite all the chaos around him, Rakon was calm. No one would care that a potential killer was on the loose.

    He made it to the outside of the ship, where he saw cannonballs firing at a ship in relatively close proximity. He then heard a yell in the sky, which immediately caught his attention. After looking closely, he could see that it was his former traveling companion Affan flying through the sky, headed towards the enemy ship. After looking closer, he realized that it would be a very close call whether or not Affan would make it.

    "This has to be that Yankee's fault" he said to himself. "Only he's dumb enough to-" his thoughts were interrupted by a huge rocking of the boat. They were under attack, and he knew he didn't have a lot of time to get caught up on the situation. He ran back into the ship, desperately seeking out where his former companions were.

    After making it down where the cannons were, he noticed two men on the floor trying to gain their balance on the rocking ship. He slowly walked up to one of them on the ground. His yellow eyes looked up at Rakon, filling with shock and amazement when he saw the Haephonite.

    "Miss Me?", said Rakon.
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    Shouting came from every corner of the ship. The sloop was outmanned and outgunned. Luckily, the bigger of the three other ships seemed to be the only one who was currently in a position to actually hit them. Unfortunately, it was 4 times it's size with two dozen more guns and hundreds more soldiers.

    "THE BIG ONE! SHOOT THE BIG ONE!" the First Mate shouted to the handful of powder monkeys. "We're really taking a pounding out here! Can ya do somethin?" he said to Weyland, who had regained his composure.

    "Launch a boarding party," suggested Weyland.
    "Yeah? With what available men?"

    "Shit..." said Weyland. "Ah! To hell with it! I'm a one man boarding party!"

    Weyland walked back to the far side of the ship. The First Mate called to him, "How are we gonna know which slave is the one we're looking for?"

    Weyland tipped his shades and yelled out, "Make him open his eyes." The First Mate looked at Weyland's pupils and immediately understood. "Don't worry," shouted Weyland, "I'll be back before we get aboard the slave ship."
    And with that, he took off into a sprint towards the bigger ship. He jumped up onto the rail and pushed as hard as he could, and with the help of a mental boost he was soon flying a good 60 feet into the air. Right when he got over the larger ship, it seemed to dip out from underneath him. 'Not good' thought Weyland, as now he would be flying right into the ocean

    It was then that the noticed a furry looking object soaring towards him from the smaller of the two ships. As Weyland was right over the big ship, he and the object collided in the air, both of them falling out of the sky and landing on opposite sides of the huge pirate ship.
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    Hey Man, no rush. I've got a few things I'd like my guy to do before I run Into you guys anyway.

    Ocato signed to Baallock to wait a moment.

    {Arguile,} He relayed to the fox.

    {go to the docks and tell me when our new sponser arrives} he thought with a wry smile. He leaned back into the
    conversation as if to tell Baallock to continue.

    "How many troops are we talking about here" Baallock asked. Ocato could sense the concern in his words.

    {In truth, as many as you can spare. The mans compound is a decently sized one. I fear the walls will
    prove quite a test for your men. they seem very thick and are well fortified. not to mention well guarded by
    TWO garrisons.} Ocato hoped that the prospect of a challenge would peak the old veterans intrest.

    "I'll have you know my men recently drove back a small army of cave dregs," Baallock Boasted."Not a single man wounded
    and not even a collapse" He leaned back to let the weight of his accomplishment sink in.

    {You'll do it then?}

    "Not a chance, old friend. I can't be seen helping an exile survive on the surface. Meeting you could be grounds
    for execution. not to mention just being on the surface is enough to get me stripped of all my titles. With
    Odessa watching my every move I can't provide you with any support." Ocato sat back in his chair thinking of
    what to do next. He couldn't just show up and his new "friends" home in the oasis and just take what he
    wanted. That would be suicide.

    {The ships arrived but I don't see him.} the words appeared to him as if he was thinking them himself. It was
    Arguile reporting on his findings.

    {Wait a bit longer. that ship should be his. Don't give yourself away. last thing I need is you getting
    thrown about by the city guards.} Ocato relayed to the fox. It might not even matter, Ocato figured,
    if he couldn;'t get any help, what would be the point in tailing his new lead. Then it hit him.

    {Baallock, have you sent in the report of that fight with the Dregs yet.}he asked, smiling.

    "Not yet, but it should be done shortly, why?" Baallock was curious what the old mage had in store.

    {Why not collapse a tunnel and say you "lost" some of your men in the fall. Then you could give me some soldiers
    and no one would have to know} replied Ocato. Baallock sat back and chuckled. Even all these years on the surface
    and Ocato still managed to be one of the sneakiest men he knew.

    "What would you like" Baallock asked still laughing at the idea.

    {what do you have?} replied the mage, a wry grin on his face.

    "Well I could give you three Shield-Mages, eight Magic Infantry, and four Rider-Magi. And I'll even throw in a Field Commander
    His names Azriel. I've been wanting to test his skill recently. He's surpassed all my other. heh heh heh," Baallock chuckled again.

    {I see him now.} Aguile relayed. What perfect timing thought Ocato.

    "{'ll take them. and in return I will send you something as compensation. I'll make sure its fitting.} Ocato stood
    and shook Baalocks hand.

    {Shall I walk you out} Ocato motioned for the door with a smile. Baallock reached into his pouch at his side and
    pulled out three rune stones.

    "I think I'll make my own way out thank you," Baallock stood up and left the tavern.

    "I'll have my men wait for you outside the town for you. farewell Ocato. send me news of your success afterward"
    the war veteran jested still laughing as he left.

    {Has he left the town yet, Arguile} Ocato asked slipping out of the tavern and into the croud.

    {Yes. He's already out the west gate, Master. Shall I follow him further.} the Fox thought.

    {No, I shall meet you on the other side of that gate about a mile out. We'll be assaulting the Oasis tommorow at dusk}
    Ocato relayed. he smiled as he walked through the crowd. knowing Baallock, he'd give him some of his best men. This was
    going to be a breaze. Assuming nothing goes wrong.
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    "INCOMING!!", yelled the rookie pirate as Affan was flying straight towards him.

    "OOooooot......", *splat* Affan had landed. "What the fuck is THAT?" Pirates confusion was understandable. Affan didn't really look like an Stingar anymore. The soaked wet and vomit fillen fur looked more like an bunch giants armpit hair. Nasty.

    "uhhhh" Affan were still pretty dizzy from the fall and couldn't move at all.

    "Is it a bird?", "Is it a hot air balloon?" Two pirates were thinking and poking Affan with sticks. "No, it's a fucking high elve! Now get your asses back to work!!" Some higher authority pirate came at the scene. "Well well well... isn't it a little furry wabbit here. Now let's kick your ass over the board, so I can get back to my routines. Oh Captain Hallagar, how I love you and your wacky adventures...ahhh.. Oh back to you little furball. Your time has come." The pirate grabbed Affan and were ready to throw.

    "No. I think it's your time to go" Affan said cold bloodedly and stabbed the pirate straight to the heart with his hidden switchblade.

    "I never enjoy this, but I had no choice. Sorry buddy" Said Affan to the dead pirate as he were cleaning his blade clean from blood and threw the body overboard. "What was I supposed to do here... Oh yes, the shamans.." Affan didn't have to look long for them because soon he heard an loud chant coming from lower deck. Affan hid behind stairs and observed as 5 yankee shamans were jumping and dancing around singin an rain song.

    *RAIN!!! OH RAIN!!
    Wash the innocent blood down the drain!!
    Our victory will be sure and decks full of gore!!
    Yankee pirates win again!!
    Hit a storm against their ships and fill our treasury with golden chips
    OOOO RAIN!!!*

    "Ugh.. I can stand lots of things, but this.. this is just too much" Yankees weren't much of a singers. It sounded like someone were torturing goats and Affan clearly didn't enjoy the sound of it.

    "SILENCE!" Yelled Affan as loud as he could. The Shamans stopped dancing and singing and turned to watch Affan that had came from his hideout below the stairs.

    "And you are?" asked one who seemed to be the leader of the Shamans.

    "I'm Affan and I'm here to kick some Yankee butt"

    "I see.... Boys! Kill him!!" All of the five shamans began charging towards Affan who panicked and ran towards the mast. "Stop him!! Just don't let him get away!!" yells the Shaman leader. Affan managed to get to the mast and climb up. Affan cut the sails that conveniently dropped just on top of the Shamans. Because of the rain the sail were wet and heavy so the Shamans couldn't move. Affan just had to come back down and seal the nice little package.

    "Done and done" Said Affan and dryed his hands from water. "I wonder how the others are doing......."
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    Well, I got time to post again so why not. short a time it may be but whatever.

    Ocato Truly hated meeting new people. Having to explain why he can't talk was such a frustrating endevor. He deeply
    hoped that Baallock warned his new warriors. He met up with Arguile and made his way over to his new troops. all of the
    soldiers wore balck and silver armor. there were men who carried strange shields with bright runes on the front and
    had various swords strapped to their sides. There were others who carried glyph covered staves, each with a small
    rune stone hovering over the top, these men only had staves and small pouches at their sides, filled with runes no
    doubt. Some of the troops rode lizards that looked like a small, armless T-rex with a sleeker, horned skull. these
    soldier wore dark colored hooded robes under their armor and carried staves that had much more intricate heads. few
    even had glowing trinkets hanging from their wrists. But out of all the men, however, he spotted their commander right
    away. He was riding a lizard mount. The lizard had a sadle and armor that was spiked more near the head, probably for
    close combat. The rider wore a black and silver cuirass over a dark blue tunic with green pants. The mid-day sun made
    the silver of his armor glisten. He was a skinny but tall man, his flesh pale. His face was sharp and his eyes cold,
    his hair tied behind him. Ocato noticed the man was wearing a circlet that held a small jewel from a chain in the
    center. He carried a staff on his back and a broad sword with intricate pommel on the Lizards side. The man was
    issuing orders to his men when he noticed Ocato and walked over to him.

    "Azriel Tre-asa. Third Field Commander of Baallocks Brigands." He moved to shake Ocato's hand. Ocato politly
    shoke the mans hand and smiled slightly.

    "You must be Ocato..." he paused waiting for Ocato's reply. After a brief silence, he continued.

    "Yes, well... I briefed the men on the mission as best I could, but I'm not quite sure what we're doing" He seemed
    annoyed at how he was not fully informed of the objectives.

    {We'll be assaulting the fortress of Greguire Saulest, a rich slave trader.} Ocato paused to judge Azriels reaction
    at him not being able to speak. To his suprise, the man stood still waiting for him to continue.

    {I need money to help fund my work. And if I bring down a slaver in the process, well, I'm just helping the general populous.
    The walls around his home in the Oasis are about 6 feet thick and patrols move around the complex constantly. they will
    see us coming, of this there is no doubt.}Ocato gave Azriel a moment to think. he was nodding his head a few times, his chin in
    his hand as if in deep thought. He nodded once more and turned on his heel to face his men.

    "Listen up! when we arive at the target location, we will need to strike at them in the sieging formation. sheild mages in front,
    Rider-Magi behind with their catalyst spells, and Magic Infantry on the flanks protecting our sides. We will reach the location in
    a quite a few hours of travel. We need to move quickly. The longer we can fight them in the cover of night, the better. they dont have as
    good of vision as we do at night, so we should take advantage of the situation. Lets move out!"

    They marched for some time. The loose sand made it diffecult to travel. The lizards, used to rocky and damp terrain, had to most
    trouble and had to stop frequently to rest. They reached their goal a few hours after nightfall. the oasis was lit up and easy to
    spot at long distance. Ocato griped his staff hard with anticipation of the coming battle. In a way, he hoped that the men would
    need his help. it had been a long time since he fought against another man. sure, there were always goblins and other strange
    races that would need slaughtering, but none put up as good a fight as humans did. resourceful till the end and capable of almost
    anything, Azriels men would have to be completely prepared if they were to completely bring down the fortress. It would be, without a
    doubt, the fight of their lives.
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    I want to apologize for the lack of updates on my own part to help the story along. I have been swamped with a shit ton of work, both school and job. It never does end, does it.

    Anyway, I promise an update is coming some time this week. I also throw out there to anyone not participating yet to see if they want to help co-host, which would be a great help to me right now. Please let me know.
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    Actually, this slow update is kinda my fault. I was waiting till someone continues the story a bit before i make my contribution. But after Affan posted his, my internet stopped and had to use my neighbor to continue... Anyway, my internet will come back tomorrow, so i'll finally add to it then. Been waiting for a week.
    And don't worry Links, It's still summer. The story's only at it's beginning and we still have lots of time.
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    Finally, the internet is up. Stupid AT&T! Always stealin' my money grrr!

    After greeting Rakon with a headlock and scratching his head, Braw quickly explained the situation.
    -"Great... so where's the part when you shot that fuzzball out of a cannon?" asked Rakon
    -Well... he did fit in it, so i assumed..." answered the Yankee as he scratched his nose. "Anyway! Let's not dwindle in the past, ye hear? Beside, unless them pirates stop fightin', this boat we're on is going straight into a deathtrap!
    -That's why, we were going to send someone to that slave boat and "help" the pirate get what they want so they can listen to us", Added Matthias. "But we also need someone to commander the ship to safety or else we will have to swim back home!"
    Rakon was holding his chin.
    "But under that sense, Braw can't talk some sense into the captain. I don't need to say why."
    Braw was puzzled:
    -"What do ya mean? I'm sure the nice captain can... oh... yeah... he's a "Yankeephobic".
    -That's not even a word," Corrected Matthias. "So that leaves either me or you to talk some sense into him.
    -Yeah but who said we have to talk some sense into him..."
    Braw and Matthias looked surprised. "You mean kill him?" They both yelled.
    The Haephonite Nodded.
    "Why else would he brought us in this Pirate infested sea? That man is a madman. He won't listen to anyone unless he get his share of blood."

    But unknown to them, Wedge the crewman overheard their conversation as he was bringing a mop to sweep the blood of the floor.
    "Oh snap! they-a-gonna waste our Cap'ain!" he whispered to himself. "I gotta warn him!"

    After a small pause, Matthias spoke out:
    "Let me do this. You and Braw should go and rescue that captain's daughter or whatever she is..."
    "Good! I've always wondered if Ninjas were better then pirates!" said Rakon. "Now i can finally found out myself! Now remember to get this boat to steer near the pirate boat and that's because this dumb Yankee here shot our friend out of a cannon with no way back."
    Braw stomped his foot and shouted:"Well what other way could we use to get him there quickly?"
    That's when Rakon pointed at the emergency row boat located above their head.


    "Well? Can't you row faster!" Ordered Rakon to the Yankee who was tiredly rowing to the best of his strength. The rainy storm and the magnificent waves didn't make things easier for the two men crew.
    "Oh! shut yer trap and help me will ya?" Hurled back Braw with his eyes slanted from the rain.
    "No can do, i gotta steer this ship! Beside, i gotta look cool, know what I'm saying? Can't do your job, it's gonna kill my style!"
    As the Yankee grumbled, Rakon pulled out a scope and spied on the pirate ship. He saw Affan land, stabbed an unfortunate pirate and cut one of the many sails of the ship.
    -"Looks like Affan did his job," pointed out Rakon, "but i hope he can hide quick, i can see a bunch of ugly men heading towards him.
    -Wait!" cried out Braw as he grunted at every strokes. "Do you see the ship's captain and his lieutenant? One is huge is the other one is very young.
    -Well, i see a giant in a chair... he's heading toward Affan as we speak... I hope he won't eat him or something...
    -Well, Affan better be hidin'. Cause that's Silver beard and he's a tough one. Believe me when i say that, I saw his execution twice. Once, he was shot down by a firing squad, 28 times. But his body was so thick, he didn't feel a thing. Then they hanged them but they couldn't find a tree big enough and strong enough for his huge size. But hey seriously, where's that kid that's always next to him?"
    Rakon put down the scope.
    "He's on a small sloop filled with men heading to the slave ship. Damn! If he gets there before us we won't get a chance to rescue the girl."

    "This is goin' nowhere! We ain't gonna make it in time! Here, hold on. I got a trick up my sleeve!"
    Braw let go of the oars and walked toward the stern of the small Watercraft. He then pulled out all his fingers of his right hand backward before pulling a string beneath his wrist. With a sound of a motor roaring, his mechanical hand became a spinning weed cutter.
    "Hold on to your rears! I'm setting this gal to "Deforestation" power!"
    After placing his make-shift boat motor, the Yankee turned the ridicule craft into a speedboat, cutting through the waves.

  12. Longo_2_guns

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    Weyland smacked onto the deck of the ship with a loud THUMP. So loud, in fact, that two nearby pirates were able to not only hear him, but restrain him before he was able to get up. "YEH! WE GOT ONE!" one of the guards shouted. They dragged Weyland a short ways up the deck and threw him at the feet of Steel Beard.
    "Kill him." commanded Steel Beard.
    "Please, I'm unarmed." Weyland pleaded.
    "So?" asked Steel Beard.
    In a flash, Weyland pushed himself up and swung his feet right into the skulls of the two pirates who caught him, knocking them both unconscious. Back on his feet, Weyland stood facing Steel Beard.

    Before either of them could act, a scrawny kid ran up to the captain, seemingly not noticing Weyland.
    "All the lifeboats have been damaged by cannon fire. We aren't going to be able to get to the slavers as long as this steamer is shooting at us."

    Weyland thought fast. "Why do you want the slave ship?"
    "Why should I tell you?" retorted Steel Beard.
    "Because I have a ship that can help you." Weyland replied, gesturing towards the sloop that was easily out maneuvering cannon fire and boarders alike.
    "What's stoppin' us from simply killing you and taking it?"
    "Because your men can't get on board without my permission."

    Steel Beard paused before saying "And why would you help a pirate?"
    "Because you and I both need something on that ship, and neither of us is going to be able to do a thing without the other."

    Steel Beard paused again. "Alright. You go back to your ship and we'll stop shootin' at ya. I'll send a couple of officers on board to ensure what I need is secured. After you bring them back, we part ways."
    "Deal," said Weyland, knowing that soon the pirate was going to cross him.

    Weyland jumped back to his ship, and soon the pirate's cannons stopped firing on it. His ship darted towards the pirate ship, where a handful of men jumped onboard, with rifles pointed at them the whole time. The scrawny young pirate from before was with them, and seemed to be their leader. And with that the sloop was off, sailing toward the slave ship.
  13. NickKmet

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    sorry guys, i've been too busy to post anything recently. hopefully i'll get something out tonight or tomorrow.

    oh, and longo, that furry thing that collided with you above the pirate ship - was that supposed to be Thrald or Rhaje or neither?
  14. Longo_2_guns

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    I think that was supposed to be Affen.
  15. Longo_2_guns

    Longo_2_guns Forum Moderator
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    Jun 29, 2003
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    I hate to post a whole bunch in a row, but I don't like how my last one ended, so here's my addition.

    Weyland was nervous as hell. He had made a deal with a bunch of pirates who were likely to, at any moment, start killing everyone and take what they want.

    Only 10 of them were on his ship at the moment. At his request, they had to select only a handful to carry out whatever that captain wanted done, and likely he picked the 10 most elite of the hundreds of men on that frigate. Well, less after their sail had fallen. Weyland was lucky he was off the ship by then, otherwise he'd have been blamed for it.

    The scrawny, young, bald one was obviously the leader of the pack, as he was trying to keep the other 9 pirates in order. Weyland chuckled to himself as one of them pushed another into the First Mate, who shouted a simple "Oy! Watch it!" before continuing his walk over to Weyland.

    "Are you out of your mind?" he quietly asked as soon as he got close. "These guys are going to try to kill us."
    "I know. Luckily, we currently outnumber them 3 to 1. It would be stupid of them to try anything."
    "Eh, I guess..."
    The First Mate plopped down on the deck. The storm was dying fairly fast, and the sun was starting to shine.

    "Tell me again, who are we going to get?" asked the First Mate.
    "An old friend of mine," Weyland replied, "a Rowhn Hunter."
    "Right right... So, how is he important te national security again?"
    Weyland chuckled, "Apparently, when he was taken a person was hiding nearby. He said that the people who took him were also talking about how they were going to kidnap Senator Creedy. Likely, they were both taken by either the same guys, or people in the same group."

    The First Mate shook his head. "I dunno..." he muttered, and stood up. He took out his spyglass and looked out at the slave ship.
    "The storm is dead, so we don't got a wind anymore. Gonna be a few minutes... what the?"
    The First Mate started laughing, "Ey, look at this. There's a bear on board that ship."

    Weyland took the spyglass and looked. Sure enough, there was a bear on board, ravaging about the deck.
    "We should send the pirates first, eh?" laughed the First Mate. Weyland chuckled and looked at him. He looked back through the spyglass.

    And the bear was gone. Instead, there was just some guy. A tall, strong looking guy, but just a man. Not at all a bear.

    It was at this time that the Pirate pushfight came through where Weyland was standing. Weyland was knocked down onto the ground, as the two pirates continued to fight while the little bald one yelled at them and tried to pull them apart. Weyland pulled himself up and looked across the water. The two big ships were still shooting at each other, but there was something else there. In the partially cloudy light, it was obvious. A small liferaft was leaving the fight and going in the direction of the slave ship.

    Weyland took the spyglass again and looked out at it. On that small boat, he could clearly see two people. One with a familiar mohawk, and another with a face he forced himself to memorize.

    "Aww hell," he muttered, "not these guys again."
  16. NickKmet

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    sorry i took so long to do this guys, and sorry for the length. i'm a bit tired at the moment.

    Thrald collapsed on the deck of the slave ship, his body drenched with sweat and the blood of his now dead captors.

    The deck was strewn with the bodies of slaves and slavers alike; while Thrald had suffered very little trouble in dispatching most of the crew while in his bear form, he had not been able to stop all the slavers from killing a substantial number of the deck slaves, though he had been able to keep anyone from retreating into the lower decks, from which newly freed slaves began to emerge.

    As he regained consciousness, Thrald's head filled with the sound of the battle around them, and with a high pitched, blood curdling scream by a woman nearby, who seemed to think her father was the captain of the nearby pirate ship.

    But it did not matter to Thrald in the slightest. Nor did the sting from the spray of saltwater on his wounds, nor the touch of the slaves tending to his broken body. As his head slumped to the deck and his vision went black, Thrald concerned himself with the memory of his home, and the safe, cold mountains he had left so long ago.
  17. Affen

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    Affan were running fast on the wet deck trying to look for an hideout. He was just about to hide in an empty gun powder barrel when he heard an yell from behind.

    "Stop you coward or I'll shoot your head off!" It was Steel Beard right behind him pointing his infamous gun "Meat Grinder" straight towards Affans head.

    "Who...What the hell are you?" Steel Beard has lived all his life on sea and had never sawn an Stingar.

    "Oh, me? Uhh I'm one of the cabin boys" Affan lied

    "Cabin boys? Do you think this is somekind of an gay cruise!? We're pirates! Manly man!
    We eat raw meat and drink our victims blood. Now you're telling me you're our cabin boy!?!"

    "shit.... massage sir?" Affan took his blade out.

    "HAHAHAH! You try to hurt me with that tiny knife? Go peel potatoes with it, even bullets don't pierce my thick skin you fool! C'mon! Do your best! I'll let you hit first"

    "Alright.. anyway you want it"

    With the help of the barrel Affan jumped high and stabbed Steel beard right to his only seeing eye.

    "Argh! You fucking animal! I'll kill you! I WILL KILL YOU!!" Steel Beard went berzerk shooting and swinging his sword to every possible direction killing many pirates on the way.

    "You'll see things diffrently from now on" Affan said and run to cover before more pirates would appear..
  18. Lien

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    "How do you stop this thing!" Yelled out Rakon to the Yankee as he was barely holding to the side out the small boat.
    Braw put his hand by his ear. The motor noise was too loud for him to hear.
    "Huh? Oh yup! i know, the weather is nice!"
    "No! I said how do you stop this!"

    The slave appeared bigger and bigger as the boat was heading towards the destination.
    "So then", asked Braw, should we stop now?"
    "What? Faster? Well... ok... but we-a-gonna gonna crash... hope you got a plan..."
    "Luck? yeah sure! That's the best idea! With this, we'll just get a few bruises. Yer such a genius, Rakon!"
    "And now yer modest!"

    With a violent crash, our companions boat rammed inside the slave ship and swinged our two companion up in the sky.

    Meanwhile, on the deck of the slaveship, Thrald's unconscious body was taken cared of by some freed slaves. The boat was divided in two: One had the free slaved garrisoned in make shift fortification and the other were the beast like slavers, still in control of most of the slaves but were fighting a two front war, their own slaves and pirates.

    "Darn it! Wake up!" Said Rahje to Thrald after he threw a bucket of water. "We gotta fight here and we need your help!"
    "It's no use!" Pointed out a Yankee slave armed with stolen weapons. "These beast will rally up and eat us! we need to get more help!"
    "We got one chance! We have to free the one in the cellar, you know, the big one!"
    "That giant of a lady! Never! Who says she won't eat us too! Why don't you just ask help from the heaven!"

    That's when two familiar screams were herd up above them. As they both lokked up, they saw a scared Haephonite and an excited Yankee falling their way.
  19. Flaming_Tiki_God

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    Sorry about this.

    I will come back to it when i'm not busy as all hell with school, and work. I hope everyone else is willing to join in still.

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