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    Commander Alberts knew that it would only be a matter of time. The aging man has had years of experience under the steel and never has he seen so much chaos happen in 48 hours. Here he was, with numerous guards acting as pages for him, keeping tabs on the prisoners every move. The dining hall has been converted into an intelligence office, with men looking at maps of Agrar, of Denner, and of neighboring lands, and of course, evidence collected for the Creedy kidnapping.

    "What is the status on the prisoners?" He asked nearby pages, while he sat next to a wooden table, carved from simple oak and littered with maps and charts of the whole city.

    "They have just left the possession chamber, sir."

    "Hmmm.....they move fast for total strangers." replied Alberts.

    "I must ask sir, but why are you letting them go?" Said one of the pages. Alberts just stared at him sternly, and chuckled to himself for a bit.

    "Simple, really. If we let them go, they will lead us to Creedy, then we can arrest them all with full evidence."

    "What about that hunter you sent after them sir?"

    "Wayland?" The page nodded.

    Commander Alberts scratched his chin for a minute, before grabbing an empty piece of parchment and an ink quill. He quickly began to scribble something down with great precision, and when finishing his note, he rolled it up and gave it to the curious page.

    "Take this, and give it to mr. Wayland. He should be on the grounds somewhere, he knows they would try to escape."

    "And what if I don't get to him in time, sir?" Commander Alberts just grinned slightly before getting up from his seat, and began ushering the page out the door of the dining hall.

    I suggest you hurry now, so you do."
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    Very sorry for not posting for the past week, it was a busy week, thank god for the week-end! I was also waiting for someone to patiently post, letting them have a go first. I swear now, everything is fine now so let's keep on playing! I'll add some more tomorrow. Like Peppy once said: Don't give up, trust on your instinct! :p
    Also, i so wanted to put a link to one of the words down there but i decided not to, that will be too much T.V references

    "All right then! everyone ready?" Braw asked as Matthias and Affen gathered their belongings. "Good then, let's get our butts out of here!"

    As the Yankee was preparing a kick to open the door again, Matthias stopped him.
    "Hey, wait! Shouldn't we think of a plan first?" He added.
    The Yankee scratched his head and took out both of his guns in each hands.
    "A plan? Where we're going we don't need no stinkin' plan! This here is a jail-break! Now escapees, gather up and charge!"

    Braw then proceeded and kicked the door the harder he could... in vain again. As he again hopped around on one foot, Affen let out a few laughs:
    "Yeah, i kinda lock that door again just for... oh wait hear this... just for the KICK of it!"
    "Oh that's it, yar dead meat you furry!"

    Braw jumped on Affen and both tried their best to start a fight but Matthias pulled them out before any bruises were made.
    "OK, both of you stop! We're not going anywhere like this!" The Psyche then remarked. "If we're going to get out of here, we're gonna need a plan! Now tell me what can you guys can do to help"

    As both Affen and Braw sat down staring at each other, they both answered:
    "I sneak"
    "I shoot"

    "Well, good!" said Matthias. "That's what we're gonna need. Now listen, Affen, you take lead and be quiet. You'll signal us when it's safe to go. I'll follow you and try to sense the guard before they see us first. And Braw, you get behind us, with your guns ready, and when there's trouble, we will jump out of the way and you let a barrage of bullets out on my signal, now is everyone OK with that?"

    Braw and Affen stilled gazed upon each other until the Stingar pointed out something:
    "You know, when you were locked up and drowning, the first thing i was trying to do was looking for you and freeing you..."
    The Yankee spat on the dirty floor and said:
    -"Yeah? so what?
    -Well, how come i don't get that stand up pose and you swearing in a ranger boy scout code ovation or whatever...
    -Oh? Yeah! well... I guess i should thank ya then...
    -Maybe you should.
    -Maybe i will!
    -Like right now?
    -How about later, with a drink or something..."

    Affen smiled, jumped up and reached out his hands.
    "Good! Let's shake on it!"
    "Oh no! not Shake!" Declared Braw as he was reaching out his left hand, fist closed. "Respect knuckle..."
    They proceeded and performed a fist bumped.

    As the Yankee and Affen stepped out of the door, laughing like two pleasant drunk, Matthias felt anxious:
    "Why do i have this feeling like we're being watched?"

    As the Party left the room, a small shadow, came out from a crack in the corner of the Possession room. It started to shape up into two cloaked men whom one of them raised his ring by his mouth.
    "Tell the commander", that one whispered, "I think one of them is on to us!"
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    Wind was blowing hard and the waves were hitting on the sides of the ship...

    *Blöí¥í¤rgh* "I hate the sea" said Affan after throwing up days lunch what seemed to be potato and somekind of fish.

    It has been a week from the great prison escape and the crew has set sails for search of Senator Creedy. Literally.
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    "Hey you said you wanted to try Yankee cookin' didn't ya?" Pointed out Braw after playing a few notes on a harmonica. "But so ya know, that sea rat didn't look like beef though."

    "Sea rats?" Asked Affan after whipping his lips filled with leftover gunk. "Does that even exist?"

    The Yankee scratched his head.
    "Nah, actually..." He then chuckled. "I made that up to make it more appeasing, it's just a rat."

    The Stingar turned his head back toward the sea and exhaust his stomach once again, emptying it completely, Braw, thinking it will lighting up the mood. Continued to play the harmonica.

    Affan and Braw were located at the back the S.S "Lavalier", a Paddle steamboat. A magnificent boat that could travel any sea thanks to his huge propeller where Affan was heaving by.

    Footsteps could be herd going down the metal steps. It was the ship's captain, an elder dressed gallantly, despise having a glass eye, with his sailor hat and white uniform. After spitting overboard, he smoked from his wooden pipe a few times and approached our two companions:
    "Arr! Knew that fuzzball couldn't handle the sea. It may look like a sea sponge but in the end it be just a puke ball"

    Braw defended him.
    "Hey you one eyed freak! leave the furry alone! He paid for this trip so show him respect!"

    The captain's only working eye gazed at the dirty Yankee.
    "He be a payin' customer. But yer not! Remember i hired you to control the weather cause you be a shaman, right?"
    Braw nodded nervously.
    "Well good! cause if there's one storm comin', i know who to throw overboard."

    The captain emptied his pipe overboard and then said:
    "You know why Yankees be bad luck on board? All i can say is that the last one who came on board my ship took mee eye out. So you best behave and know who be in charge here, boy!"

    As the captain went back to his quarters, Affan question Braw after gazing his leftovers floating away by the horizon:
    -"Wow, i didn't know you could control the weather!
    -Actually i can't", corrected the Yankee. "I can do a rain dance but that's it. I was hopping if there's a storm comin', you will help me hide or somethin'.
    -Can't believe you actually trick that captain, he could skin you up! You were lucky Matthias talked him out of it.
    -Say, speakin' of the kid, where could he be? I got something to ask him.
    -Don't know, well, i guess he's in the game room... i think."

    Braw put the harmonica in his pocket. And decided to check it out.

    "Can't believe we're crossing the marrow sea because of a piece of rope!" he then added. "But if it means getting out of that crazed city of a hellhole and back home..."
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    "Hey Braw, I'll join ya. Just looking at the waves make me feel sick. Also it would be nice to have something to do. Maybe beat your ass at chess again! Hahaha..*Blöí¸í¥í¤rgh* Aww crap...."

    "Sorry I didn't hear anything. But guessing by the looks it were just vomit! Hahaha! Get it? Vomit! Hahaha!"

    "Ahh ........ shut up ."

    Braw and Affan were heading to the game room while suddenly they saw Matthias running towards them.

    "I'll explain later!" Shouted Matthias and he already dissapeared behind the corner 5 sailorman right behind.

    Affan and Braw looked briefly each other and followed the others.

    They run fast corridor after corridor....

    "Psst.. here" It was Matthias, hiding under the stairs.

    "What's going on!?" asked Braw and Affan .

    "Just some poker and ehheh.." Matthias blushed.

    You were reading their minds weren't you?" Braw asked

    "Well yes and it was going great until one of them recognized me"

    "We agreed to stay out trouble!" Affan yelled.

    "I know, I know. I'm sorry. The whole situation just were so tempting. But I have some good news for you. Only half days sea travel left and we get some solid ground under our feet again."

    "FINALLY!!" Affan got excited. "I'm so sick of this sea already. Where we were heading again?"
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    Weyland hated sailing. This was only his third time out on sea, as his life with the group didn't have much sea travel.

    The ship he was on was a tiny little sloop, so each wave that hit sent the boat rocking back and forth.

    However the S.S. Albacore was once the fastest ship anywhere. Well, quite some time ago, but it was still in a good condition and it only needed a few people to keep it moving, so it was perfect.

    Weyland was asleep on the bow of the ship when the first mate came up to him.

    "We're 6 hours behind them and gaining," said the first mate. Weyland grumbled, only half awake at the time. The first mate continued, "Good thing the wind is on our side. There might be a storm nearby, so we've been getting help from that. Had the wind been blowing the other way, we wouldn't be there for another week."

    He continued to drone on as Weyland fell back asleep, hungry but afraid to eat because he knew he'd just throw it up anyway. He drifted back to sleep.

    Been busy and haven't had time to post much. Just posting this so you know I'm still in this. May not be able to post a whole lot for a while.
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    He was fiddling with a lighter for hours now, considering it was his only source of entertainment. He didn't want to think about what would happen if the lighter ran out of fluid. Then, he'd have to actually find something to do.

    He couldn't leave the room, because if they found him there, he'd just end up back on the execution stage, which is a place he didn't think he'd be able to escape twice. He heard running through the corridor outside. He knew who was the cause of the ruckus. With a Yankee, a small furball and a mind reader, Rakon knew they would always be getting in trouble.

    Now wasn't the time to let them know he was still alive. He wanted to repay Weyland for helping him get out, but his feelings were divided, because Weyland almost got him killed.

    Rakon sat in his former companions' room, waiting to see them in secrecy.
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    His eyes snapped open as the whip cracked across his back, opening another new wound for the sea to feast upon. He grit his teeth at the hiss of the whip, but the second strike he expected never came, instead striking the crippled, already lifeless body next to him, spraying the adjacent slaves with blood.

    “That one’s dead,â€
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    Zaha sneered broadly as he lowered his whip, flowing to the ground like his graying tail. The elder Hajalman couldn't help but smile at his current predicament, getting paid to control a bunch of slaves and savages from across the land, what fun for him!

    The old wolf scratched his gray chest, covered by a thin layer of buckskin that made his fur itch. He kept his gaze on the prisoners, his paw gripping the whip roughly before lifting his it high and cracking it into the air.

    "Row you dogs, row until you drop, then you will rest!" he growled. His large, lumbering frame kept eyeing the myriad of men and women around him. Dennese, Psyches, Yanks, every group was represented here, every group under the control of the Hajalman slavers.

    While Zaha controlled the rowers on deck, it was the captian, Sajener, who presided the ship. While slavery was still legal in their home of Caheigis Isle, and a few other island ports, it was usually frowned upon by the major governments on the mainland. Big money was often made by oppertunistic Hajalman, even though many now oppose the use of slaves after contact with the mainland.

    One of these such Hajalman was Rhaje. Young and foolish, running away from his tribe to see the mainland, he served as the lookout for this small, slaver vessel. His usually auburn fur is now bleached a bright orange thanks to days in the hot, sea sun. Even the meager clothing he wore, a bright blue kerchif for his forehead, short, leather breeches and vestment, did not help in cooling his body.

    Neither did his insubordination to the captian, leading to his current predictament. shackled in iron bolts and chained next a blonde looking man, he was struck once in the face by his former comrades, and Zaha was quick to whip his bruised back twice more as he began to row.

    Rhaje kept his head down, hoping to not attract attention to his former friends, or his current enemies. It is likely that the slaves, even the one next to him, would strangle the poor Hajalman the first chance they get, even if it meant death for them. He kept his gaze to his pawed feet, as he rowed next to the human, who curiously had a grin pasted on his face.
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    The fox weaved through the crowd. Moving unhindered even by the large populous.
    {two guards, to the northeast of the crowd} the fox thought to himself, relaying
    the info to his master. He traveled fast knowing that it wouldn't be long until
    his master arrived. He couldn't waste any time.
    {Eight guards north. they seem to be keeping the crowd together} If his master
    was to run into the guards, it could be trouble, trouble that the master couldn't afford.
    {You're doing well keep it up}, the words seemed to appear in his mind. joy
    filled his heart with knowing the masters pleasure.
    {you're not done however keep moving}, the Fox re-focused his attention.
    He moved so quickly and so lightly that the people didn't even notice him. the
    crowd was growing thinner. He was coming to the edge of the crowd.
    {Five near the docks}, it wouldn't be long now, before the Master would arrive. He only
    had three more positions to scout. Once he was finished, the Master could moved through the
    city safely.
    {The south entrance is completely unguarded!} That would be his Masters way in!
    {Excellent work! you've done me a great service, Arguile}, He could feel the Masters warmth
    in his words. The ship would arrive soon and the Master would be there to greet them.
    {Meet me at the south entrance. I am there now.} Arguile moved with speed to the entrance, eager to rejoin his Master.
    He saw the Master making his way into the port.
    {Come, Arguile, lets find a tavern where we can wait for them.} The fox followed behind him
    closely. Now they would wait for his Masters contacts.
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    Sorry Links and everyone for my lack of involvement recently, I'll be adding and recapping tomorrow...yay!
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    We trudge along, go at your pace guys. I won't be a stickler as long as there is a post a week at least.
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    Matthias kept his mouth shut "...."

    "Well!?!?" Said Braw anxiously. "Do you even know where we're heading?" he continued.

    "Sorry guys, but I won't tell you our destination... atleast yet. Just in case" Matthias answered

    "You think we'll immediatly go yelling it to everyone, don't you? We are not that stupid, just for your information. Even Braw.." Affan added.

    "Hey hey! I don't like where this conversation is heading, furball!" Braw yelled.

    "Haha, just couldn't resist. Sorry 'bout that. But so Matthias how is it? If you can't trust us, we can't trust you. Simple as that. I'm not so keen on the idea of dispanding the unit, but it seems I have no choice"

    "Yeah! I will leave too!" Braw said

    "Calm down you two! I will-..... ahh I guess I have no choice. I'll tell you everything tomorrow. We should be on solid ground by then"
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    Hey no biggie, MattAY. I'm guessing this is going to take all summer, Take you time!

    "I'll tell you everything tomorrow. We should be on solid ground by then"

    Braw stomped his foot angrily!
    "Oh fine, boy!" He then said. "But thar better be a good reason behind all of this, i reckon!"
    Braw walked outside to the main deck, dragging Affan with him.

    "Hey! What are you doing?" Demanded an answer The Stingar. "Let's just Go back in there and get some explanation from him!"

    Braw did a grin, pointed at his mechanical right hand and chuckled:
    "Ah! We don't have to! You forgot what this beauty can do?"
    The Yankee then pulled his hand outward, extending his wrist to reveal a hidden compartment. He then pulled his index and some sort of measurement contraction appeared.

    Affan looked confused: "How... does this help us?"
    "Why this here, is a "com-pace" Braw explained. "We can guess where we're going and surprise Matthias!"
    "Com... pass...?" Affan punched his palm. "Oh a compass! Yes a navigation tool! But wait, don't we need a map or something first?"
    But the Bull-headed Yankee didn't listen. He carefully position his body towards the Bow (note: That's the front side of a ship, know your boats!) and carefully read the instrument:
    -"Let's see... according to this... huh wait... How does this darn thing work?
    -The red arrow points north... "Affan sighed" Wait i forgot you don't know north...
    -Which one?
    -What do you mean which one?! There's only one! Wait let me see...
    -Well if yer right about the red one, we're heading toward... 88.2 kPa? Is this a country?
    -Braw, you idiot! That's a Barometer! This calculate the weather! The first arrow represent temperature and the second represent pressure in the air. That's not a compass!
    -Wow the weather! Hey that's great!" Braw changed subject. "So how do we read the weather?"

    That's when another voice was herd behind them, a familiar voice:
    "That, Matey, you look at the pressure arrow: the lower it is, That's when the arrows is pointing to the "Night" symbol, the faster a storm's-a-coming, just like how i warned you before, arr!"

    Affan and Braw looked behind them. It was the captain of the ship, Smoking his pipe and leaning over the rails as he looked at the horizon. He overheard the number said by Braw and give his diagnosis:
    "Now, if your machine hand is right", He added, "There's a big one coming. Now I read reports before leaving that Yankee Pirates have shamans who starts storms to weaken then board ships like this one. And they've been sighted around here..."

    He stood back up and gave an icy stare.
    "You'd better pray that Pirate are coming to cut your neck. Cause if there be no pirates and a storm is coming, I'll make sure a Yankee's throat will be cut!"
    With this he spat over board and left the scene as Braw whipped out the sweat from his face, trembling like a leaf.
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    Matthias was looking out towards the open sea. It was getting closer to sunset, the crimson in the skies were beautiful to look at. Matthias' eyes were glowing firey colours as he gazed upon this glorious scene.

    'They dont know I'm heading for Cetylene', he thought to himself, 'soon I will have my revenge on that cock sucker, Lopez!!...And with the help of Affan and Braw, and hopefully the captain, we can take him down! I know my powers have a improved a little...'

    Just then Matthias felt a patter of rain fall on his pale cheek, he peered up into the sky...there were dark clouds towards the starboard side. 'this doesnt look good', he pondered, as he got up slowly and ran towards the bridge of the wooden vessel.

    Matthias arrived, and there was the captain and his 2 man crew looking panicked, gazing out at the storm clouds.

    "You see that right!?" shouted Matthias.
    "The strom clouds...yeah yeah we see them! Nothing this ship cant handle...but the weather aint the problem", explained the captain.
    "What is the problem?..."
    "Yankee Pirates have been known to wonder these parts, were looking out for those bastards!" the captain said as he was staring intently at the dark sea.
    "Yankee...pirates??" Matthias looked away for a second, then realised Braw could be in serious danger..."you're not surely blaming this on the Yankee Braw on this ship are you?" asked Matthias.
    "...Heh, he be a Yankee!! He's darn f**king suspicious if ya ask me!" The captain bellowed, as he pointed out into the stormclouds..."Ship ahoy!!!!"
    "Can you tell what kind of ship it is from this distance??" Asked Matthias.
    "Nay lad, but you can expect were chargin' ahead full speed!"

    Matthias ran out of the bridge and headed to the game room to look for Affan and Braw. He found them in the corridor on his way there, both were leaning on the walls. Braw looking terribly bored, and Affan looking terribly seasick.
    "Fellas, were approaching a ship! Could be an enemy, could be nothing...either way, we should be prepared!" Said Matthias in a stern tone.
    "Why the hell are we going into the storm? Surely the wise thing is to steer away?!" Affan shouted in minor panic.
    "...He dont like Yankees mate, they took his eye. I'm bettin' ya he wants to kill a load of them!..He's probably only leavin' me alive to keep the peace" explained the Yankee, in a surprisingly relaxed voice.
    "Well, no matter what, we stick together right fellas!?" said Matthias, as he put his hand in the middle of the three.
    "...Right!" answered Affan, as he gagged and swallowes from the sickness, bringing his hand in shakily.
    "...Yeah mate, me too". Braw put his hand in, "Let's do it lads!!"
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    For three days the slave ship had been on the leading edge of a massive, black storm, trying to outrun the Yankee pirates who had conjured it. Thrald had been rowing nonstop since the pirate sloop had crept up on the horizon. He was tired, soaked by the rain and the waves, and hungry.

    He had last eaten five days prior, and Thrald was beginning to regret his second attempt to decapitate the former Hajalman lookout Rahje, who was chained into the rowing position next to him. Fighting between slaves was strictly prohibited, and deck boss had pulled his rations after the second attack.

    But even though Thrald hadn't eaten in 5 days, he was still better off than most of the other slaves on the slaver. The three days of nonstop rowing had claimed 22 lives, and the supply of fresh blood in the decks below was starting to dwindle.

    Thrald had begun to worry. His body had begun to eat at his energy reserves, putting Thrald into a precarious state. Every moment he waited meant that he would have less energy for his escape, and he knew he didn't have many more moments to wait before any thought of escape became an impossibilty.

    But Thrald's worrisome thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the yell of the new lookout, perched high on the mast.


    As the captain dashed to the bow, Thrald knew it was time. Time to escape. He turned to Rahje, and whispered into his ear.

    "Do you want to escape this hell?"

    Rahje nodded his head, and Thrald went back to rowing. The time was ripe. Now he just needed to wait for one of the two quickly approaching ships to get close enough to distract the unsteady crew. Close enough for Thrald to escape.

    He smiled.
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    I was going to make the captain think the slave boat was going the be the pirate ship. But NickKmet's recent post gave me a whole lot of inspiration. I had to introduce those pirates! I really swear this time, this will be the last time i'll write something this long. :D
    Now, let's go kill some pirates and slavers!

    As the storm gather on the sea and the fog was getting thicker and thicker, a chanting hum, like some sort of a conjuring song resonated over the waters. As the sound grew closer and closer, an object appeared on the horizon: It was a Ship of the line filled with more then 100 singing Yankee pirates, all armed to the teeth.

    "Target ahoy!" Yelled out the cabin boy high atop the mat as he spotted the slave ship on the horizon despise the fog.
    "Hey! You sure this time? It ain't another stinkin' steam ship?" yelled up one of the Yankee pirate.
    "Oh yes! I'm sure! It fits the description all 'ight! And it's filled with "dog-mans"!"

    All the pirates on board rushed to the deck and amassed to the port side. They were all ugly, many one-eyed, some lost a quarter of their hair and other lost completely a member of their body. The only ones who weren't admiring the show were the Shamans who were too concentrating on the rain dance that created the storm. They were humming vocables as they bang on Traditional drums while sitting down in a semi-circle around a ceremonial fire. Another shaman, an elderly, was clapping his hand, torso-naked to reveal his tribal tattoos and scars on his chest, hoping on one foot regularly during his dance around the bonfire.

    The crews were mumbling to each other:
    -"Hey! So that's our target, hey?
    -Ayup, you betcha! It took us three darn days to reach that darn ship!
    -Arrr! And them Shamans were singin' and singin'! Oh how i wish they were just shut thar trap! And the rain! Oh!
    -So hey, why does the cap'ain want that ship so bad anyhow?"

    That's when a poor Crew-member started to get beaten up after being pulled by the ship's quartermaster.

    "Get back to yer post, you stinkin' varmints! All of y'all!" yelled the superior. "Get ready for boardin’!"
    As the crew started to run around in all directions, preparing for combat, the cabin-boy slid down the mat before being stopped by the quartermaster. He was asked to give the looking scope before being kicked out of the way.

    As the quartermaster was observing the forces on the row boat, he notice something.
    "Hey... wait a minute... It's a slave-boat! That's our target? A slave boat! What's wrong with our cap'ain! Is he insane? Well that's it, this is the last drop! If i ever get my hand on him I'll..."
    "You'll what?"

    The quartermaster turned around and saw the ship's captain, "Steel-beard", wanted with more then 20000 Rupees on his head. This old but huge Yankee, born from the harsh lands of "The fields" in the golden Coast, was an old giant who once was the symbol of strength but now an crumbling senior missing his lower jaw, sitting on a big wooden wheelchair made of the strongest wood known in all of Aagrar. He was dressed gallantly, that is, for a pirate, for despise his old rugged captain uniform, many Yankee ornaments was dangling by his huge furry neck and his grayed hair.
    By his side, his First Lieutenant: a very young man barely coming out of his adolescence. This one had a shaved head and a scared face. He wore nothing but sandals, a pantaloons and an open sailor jacket with ripped sleeves. He was holding a very large and tall umbrella that protected his dear captain from the rain. From his pockets dangled a dream catcher, a six shooter held by a strong string and his trusty saber which was comfortably sheathed in its scabbard. He had a regular height for a Yankee but when he's standing next to his captain, he looked quite small considering his head was far from reaching the shoulders of his sat-down boss.

    "Well?" continued the second in charge. "We're waiting! What were you going to do to the captain? If you got something on your mind, speak up!"

    The quartermaster sniffed his nose and courageously complained:
    "It's been two darn months we've been at sea without reachin' land! No stops, no lootin'! When I boarded this ship, I expected to see "Steel beard" in action and you said we were huntin' down a "Big one". And for all this time, it was a slave ship!"

    He started to angrily walk in a circle.
    "We're runnin' out of food and drinking water, we're bored like hell and after standing for three days under the rain, we found-out we were after a cheap slave ship!"
    That's when he stopped, the captain's trust looked at him with killing eyes. But the quartermaster glared back and continued his rambling.
    "Yankees don't need slaves! What? Like we can't do our own tasks? This ain't us! Or what? Do you want an army of chained things underneath you, transporting you around like a plate of p'tatoes? Heck! We just spotted earlier on this morning a steam ship! An a big one! And it's following us like bait to a fish! Maybe it's filled with loot! Why didn't we board that one?"

    That's when the captain spoke out in a large and deep voice.
    "e'ough! Boy, 'etch 'e my 'aw!"
    The First Lieutenant opened up a large container which was locked behind the wheelchair. In it was a prosthetic metal jaw, so great, that it had to be held with two hands.
    After his lower mouth was installed, the captain could articulately answer to his subordinate's complaints. His hands were trembling of old age as he was revealing the man's plan:
    "Are you trying to duel me for me ship, boy?"
    The quartermaster laughed. "Well maybe Aye' am!"

    That's when the entire crew member stopped working. They were all watching with their eyes wide open to the scene. The quarter-master was standing in front of the wheelchair in a akimbo pose: his hands were by his belt, near his gun holster.
    The captain laughed and whispered in the ear of his trustee. The young man then pulled out from the wheelchair's gun holder an enormous six shooter gun. He carefully, placed it, with tremendous effort, by the leaning bar of the chair.
    Both men were now ready to shoot. Everything was silent but the noise of the ship's coal engine, the waves banging at the hull, the thunders from the storm and the singing of the shamans who created said storm.

    "Draw!" The mutinous man then yelled out. But "Steel beard" just laughed.
    "What's so funny? I said draw!"
    "Oh", said the captain, "it's just that ol' saying: "Yankees killing Yankees". It fit this scene here real well, no?"
    He then proceeded and laughed some more.
    "Oh that's it! Now you suck at jokes! Yer so getting it! Old timer!"
    The quarter-master took out his gun from his holster in a flash.
    "Die! You old fart...? Aaaah! My hand!"

    The quarter-master fell down. But his right hand was flying up high in a jet of blood! As the whole crew all shouted in amaze, the defeated man was holding his bleeding wrist, confused and trying his best to understand the situation. That's when he notice a very young man was standing behind all this time, with his sword unsheathed, the second in command. Being born from "The Jungle", the trustee had the ability to mimic to his surrounding. The poor quarter-master was too busy staring at the captain to notice the kid sneaking away from his sight after he removed his jacket.

    "Throw this bum out of here!" commanded the traitorous second in command. And with the laughter of merry men, the order was swiftly carried out. Before his farewell ceremony was performed, the cabin boy pointed out something to the defeated: "If yer lucky, that boat you wanted to sack will pick you up! ha!"
    "You sea wooorrrrms!" The now one-armed man dove down into the sea.

    After order was finally restored, the ship now headed straight on toward the row-boat. "Steel beard" and his trustee were both on the bow, observing their target from their scopes.
    "They still have guards on the deck" Mumbled the captain. His subordinate knew what to do.
    "Ready the cannons! Fill the engines of coals! Full steam ahead!" He shouted. The order was then repeated by every hand on deck.

    When finally, everybody were too busy to notice the two men, the captain's trustee finally showed his weakness as he fell forward, worried, holding his face.
    "We finally got'em because they lost some slaves! They died of exhaustion! Say, gramps, what if... What if mom's dead? What if we hurt her when we attack? And What if she's hold up in a small cage? You know her size! They can't possibly have a cage for her!"

    The grand-father held his grand-son's shoulder.
    "I highly doubt it. She is after all my daughter. If them Hajalman slaver did hurt her, I'll be more worried about them!"
    The son then stood his head up.
    "I'm comin', Big mama. I'm gonna free you. Yeah that's right me, the kid who could never reach your belly, even when I became 'n adult. If these beasts ever land a hand on you, I swear I'll cut them and eat them raw like the dogs they are!"

    The captain of the ship turned his chair around.
    "Fire!" He cried out.
  18. Longo_2_guns

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    Weyland awoke to the the First Mate crying out in glee. When Weyland looked up, he say the First Mate looking through his telescope out to the horizon. "We found 'em! We got 'em early!" he shouted over and over. Weyland stood up slowly. "Are you sure it's them?" he grumbled.

    "Yeah, it's gotta be. They're usin' oars instead a steam or sails, and only marauders an' slavers have the strength and manpower to do that."

    "Well I'll be damned..." Weyland managed.
    "Yeah, and not only that but the storm is right by them, and with the wind pulling from here through the storm torward them, we'll be caught up to them in an hour thirty tops." The first mate looked through his telescope again. "Ello ello, what have we here? Looks like anotha ship is insida that storm. Looks like a steama, and a big one too."

    Weyland jumped up and grabbed the telescope from the First Mate's hands. He looked through, and sure enough another ship was out there, maybe two or three miles apart, but still in the storm. The strange part was, it wasn't heading for an interception course with the slave ship. No, it was going to go right behind it. But why would it be heading in that direction?

    "Dammit! How could I not think of it!" shouted the First Mate, "Pirates! Yankee Pirates can call the storms! Of course!"
    "But that isn't a Yankee Pirate ship, it's too modern," muttered Weyland.
    "Yeah, ya can't see the Yankee ship. It's probably in the darkest part of the storm."
    "But that means-"
    "Aye, they're goin' after the slaver ship too."

    "DAMN!" Weyland shouted, "WE NEED TO BE THERE NOW!"
    "I can't make the ship any faster, sir."

    'You can't,' Weyland thought, 'but I can.'

    He shouted to the first mate, "Get all cannons loaded! Get everyone equipped with whatever they're fighting with. Then have them hold on to something. You have 5 minutes. GO!"
    "But sir-"

    The First Mate could sense the intensity in his voice and ran around, shouting these orders to everyone. Weyland dashed into his quarters and grabbed a box that was inside. He opened it up and pulled a pair of boots out, both with thick soles and a long wire that went each to a glove. Weyland put on the boots and ran the wires up through his pants and out of his sleeves. He put the gloves on. Both of them had a thin metal plate on the back and a small, flat switch on the palm. Weyland wrapped the wire around the switch.

    Weyland stepped outside, hoping that they actually worked as well as his Grandfather said they would a few days earlier. He clenched his fists and clicked back the switch with his middle finger. He then picked up his foot. As soon as his foot left the ground, a faint click was heard. Weyland looked down to see that a small blade, about an inch in length, had popped out of the sole of his shoe, much like an iceskate. Weyland smiled to himself, as he locked the switch in place, keeping the blade out even as he stepped down. He then tested the other shoe, before unlocking both switches, causing the blades to retreat back into the soles.

    Weyland ran back out to the bow of the ship. The First Mate said to him, "All the crew is ready."
    "Grab on to something," Weyland commanded. The First mate ran to grab on to the mast.

    "An hour and a half?" Weyland shouted, "I'll get us there in five minutes!"

    With that he popped out the blades, jammed them both into the ship, ensuring that he wouldn't move. Thank god Rakon managed to teach him something in the short time they were together, otherwise he wouldn't be able to do this.

    Weyland extended his arm, and all at once the ship started moving faster. The ship continued to gain speed, until soon it was going faster than the wind. And yet it still moved faster. Faster and faster, until the waves started to blur and the storm quickly grew. Weyland looked out into the storm to see small flashes of light in the fog, the sight of cannons firing, so he made the ship move even faster.

    Weyland stopped the ship partway into the storm, about 3/4ths a mile away from the other ships. As soon as the ship stopped moving and began to take the wind again, Weyland fell to the floor, exhausted. The First Mate ran up to him and helped him to his feet.
    "The crew is all frazzled, what the hell was that!?" he asked.

    "I'll tell you later," gasped Weyland, still catching his breath, "but now, prepare to fight."


    Sorry, this was longer than expected. Oh well.
  19. MattAY

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    Battle Roayle on boats, this awesome shit should be in Final Fantasy games.

    Affan, Braw and Matthias sprinted up to the bridge of the steam boat. Affan was struggling up the stairs a bit.
    "God dammit furball, yer slowin' us down!" Shouted Braw, as be booted Affan to the top of the stairs, flying inches past Matthias' silver hair.

    When they all reached the top, with Affan a little beaten up, they saw the glass-eyed captain shouting with a telescope in his hand.

    "It aint the pirates....it's a slave boat!" said the captain on his new discovery.
    "A slaver??" Said Matthias, "should we rescue them?"
    "We're not gettin' in anybody else's mess kid!" said the captain..."Hey, hang on a minute", the captain grasped his telescope tighter as he increased his focus, "there's ANOTHER ship...looks a lot bigger than the first!"
    "Another ship?!" asked Affan as he got up from his sore furry behind.
    "Aye lad...and it's heading in our general direction", informed the captain.

    The 2 man crew of the captain were Biggs and Wedge (had to be done). They both took a closer look on this new boat discovery...

    "The storm is really heavy over there...chances are it's the pirates!" Shouted Biggs, as he looked for confirmation from Wedge and the captain.
    "It's definately them! I can see the shaman doing their freaky rain dance...no doubt about it!" Wedge confirmed.
    "They're not quite headin' for us....they're goin' after the slave boat!" said the captain.

    Braw suddenly looked up, he lifted up his metallic arm, he formed a loop with his index finger and his thumb, and retracted 2 lenses - one from his little iron piggy, and the other from the side of his index finger.
    "Ha...nice little gimmick there Braw" commented Matthias, as he saw Braw whip out his telescope.
    Braw checked out the pirate ship's emblem on the front of the boat..."awww shit", he said.
    He then tugged Matthias and Affan in close so he could whisper...
    "Lads...that's no ordinary Yankee pirate boat, that's Silverbeard!!" Said Braw, in a quiet panic.
    "Who the hell is Silverbeard?!" whispered Matthias.
    "He's an old creep of a captain, his daughter was kidnapped by slavers not long ago. But all him and his grandson are doin' are lookin' for her on slaver boats....Guys, they're way outta our league!" Explained Braw.
    "What?! I dont wanna die!" screamed Affan.
    "Relax Affan, we'll think o' somethin'" replied Braw.
    "Hey wait!! braw, this is gonna put you in a lot more shit than you were in before. This captain isn't so lenient, he's gonna think you set him up if stuff goes wrong!" Said Matthias.
    "Mate, I'm the lucky one, trust me we'll be fine...I gave yer my word remember" said Braw, as he winked to Matthias' worried face.

    Wedge did a dashing sprint to the eastern side of the bridge, "Sir!! Something's coming in REAL fast!"
    Everyone else sprant to Wedge's position. He was right, something was causing an incredible amount of spray from the ocean's surface. It was forming a rainbow along the horizon as the phenomenon rocketed through it.
    "it's.....it's a ship!!!" Shouted Biggs, "...it's a fucking superfast ship!!"
    "What is this?! Fucking battleships?!" Braw shouted.

    "Dont think I haven't got me eye on you Yankee, no funny busniness ya hear!?!" ordered the captain of the ship. "Commence as we were before crew!! Were headin' for those bastard pirates who took me eye!"
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    A foul smell rolled across the deck as the captain screeched at his crew.


    Thrald barely noticed the mad scramble of the captain and his baffled crew. He was focused on the bow of the ship in front of them, waiting for a sign that it was time to make a break for it. He had stopped rowing, and the ship had begun to turn as a result of the imbalance of moving oars. As Thrald caught a glimpse of the name painted on the bow of the ship now on his left, he knew it was time.

    Thrald closed his eyes, and calmly began to speak in an ancient Skilvgardian tongue. As Thrald's voice rose to a booming yell, Rhaje blinked. When his eyelids opened, Thrald was gone. And in his place was a giant, hulking bear. In a state of mental shock, he watched as the bear ripped apart the steel chains that bound him, and smacked one of the slaver crew running by on the deck. The crewman went flying across the ship, and smashed across the mast, his back nearly snapping in two. Rahje recognized who the crewman was - it was the replacement lookout. Suddenly he was glad he had been chained next to Thrald.

    As the now transformed Thrald let out a roar and turned his attention to the rest of the crew, the situation for the slave ship appeared to be growing ever more dire by the moment. The mysterious vessel that had been at the bow was now approaching quickly from the port side, while the pirate vessel was approaching off the starboard side, with the slave brig smack dab in the middle, and no escape from the impending collision in sight.

    god this is getting fun!!

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