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    Hey guys. This is where the RPG will begin. Each subsequent chapter will be posted here, with each story arc acting as a chapter to the RPG. When we finish the peliminary aspects of the prologue, however long that takes, we will go into the next chapter, until an epilogue at the end of the game, whenever that may be.

    Now I will be posting tomorrow some exposition here to get us started, then you guys and jump in and begin the RPG. I would do it tonight but i'm on a friends computer so I can't get to my notes. So please be patient.

    If you still wish to play, consult the other literature posted and send a PM to me, and well keep expanding the universe that is created.

    FTG, please sticky this, thank you. See you all tomorrow.
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    Let's do it! When do you come up with a name for the RPG? I notice all the topics have "to be named RPG".

    PS - sorry if I'm not meant to post.
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    You can post, it's ok.

    As for a name.....I haven't thought of one yet....unless if you guys have any ideas.

    Anyway lets get this going. Remember to consult the rules and all the other literature.

    Remember, you don't have to be right at the starting point of the story. You guys can come in later if you like. This opening is just to get you all strapped into the game, and to maybe give you something to do. We will play it by ear and see what happens.

    “It is hard to categorize the world when it is as vast as the plains of the gods. A world so diverse in cultures and creeds, unbounded by land and sea, yet brought together by the structures of government, or shackled by the tyranny of others. It is hard to understand the complexities of one society, let alone a throng of them.â€
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    The large town gates of Masera...it was a sight to see for the young man from Cetylene. His clothes tattered, his eyes an exotic yellow as he stared into the bustling capital of the Denner Republic.

    He entered the town, walking slowly to take in the amazing scenery that surrounds him. The tall buildings, the beautiful craftwork, there was a lot to take in for Matthias. He walked down the main street whilst frequently being bartered by the many vendors that are aligned along the edges of the cobbled path.

    Matthias was in awe, his jaw permanently dropped, 'I think I may get to used to this place', he thought to himself, whilst eyeing at the young wench on the pub stoop.

    Some eyes were welcoming him, however some were giving him the ol' stink-eye. 'The DHA...The Denner Homeland Alliance', Matthias pondered to himself. He had heard about them from various people on his travels to the Denner Republic, they do not welcome other races. But merely ignoring them, Matthias came to a crosswalk. He looked up to see the incredible capital building.

    It was an amazing building, Matthias stopped to take it all in. He looked down towards the capital bulding entrance to see some commotion going on between various people. Matthias approached slowly to listen in.

    "He hasn't arrived yet, he should've been here a good 20 minutes ago!" Said the guard holding the hilt of his sheathed sword casually.

    A man dressed in elaborate armour, coated in a rich ruby colour with gold lining stepped forward, "this is bad news, something may have happened to the Senator. I want the elite guards to organise search parties, and look for Senator Creedy in your respective zones! This is an order of the highest degree, I want none other than your best work....dismissed!" Bellowed the armoured man.

    Matthias approached the armoured guard, "what's going on?" he asked nervously.

    "Senator Creedy has not turned up at his usual time, stranger."

    "Any way I can help?" Asked Matthias.

    "I guess, just look anywhere you can...dark alleys, abandoned houses...just be careful!...Here, take this picture of the Senator, it'll help you" said the ruby guard as he offered a picture of Creedy.

    Matthias nodded to the armoured man, then turned around and began to jog in the general direction of the main street.

    "Hey Wait!" shouted the guard, "you're one of them Cetylenes right?"

    Matthias nodded slowly.

    "Interesting...you're the first one I've seen....I'll let ya know if any news comes up, kid." said the armoured man.

    Matthias turned and continued to run towards the street. He looked in all directions, desperately trying to find the Senator. Most of the public seemed unknown of the situation, which he thought was a little odd. Matthias was being extra vigilant as he was meandering through the dark alleys of Masera, in hope he would find this Senator Creedy.
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    In the darkest neighborhood of Masera, commotion could be herd at Byron's Bar. It is a civilized and open minded social club but inside yells and beating sounded loudly throughout the district it was built upon, many were afraid to call the authorities. Suddenly, a drunk was flown out the front door by the bouncer. Byron's bar is about to change their "open to all" Tradition.

    The alcoholic rolled over the dusty floor, steadily trying to regain his senses and felt ill from the Drink. Byron, the establishment owner himself, came out.
    "Let that be a lesson to you, Bum!" he yelled at him. "You cheated at card games, you stole my customers' purses and you hit on my girls, literary."

    The janitor came out after him, holding a hammer and a sign.
    "Where should i put this, boss?" He asked
    "Oh! I don't know," Answered Byron, "next to the entrance I guess"

    The old man slipped out a nail from his pocket and hammered the signboard next to the door. It had a correctly written warning translated in five languages that dominated all races in Masera:


    "But Boss", Inquire the bouncer, "I thought Yankees couldn't read!"
    Byron waved his hand in no concern and stated: "Well, at least the smart ones will stay away, that's for sure. But hey, you can draw a picture on it later. We got a mess to clean up over here."

    The dirty Yankee raised his dirt-filled face.
    "Hey! Where's my stuff?" He demanded angrily with a thick native accent.
    The barmaid came out holding his back pack and orange sweat hat in one arm and his guns under her armpit. She had a black eye and look furious. After cursing the drowsy Yankee, she threw over his possession by him.
    "And don't come back here again, Braw!" she added.
    Immediately after Braw knelled up and reached his hat, after falling on the floor again due to his intoxication. But his mouth won't shut however:
    "It ain't over, kid! You owe me! I fixed yer darn "Kof-fee" maker didn't I?"

    The store owner sigh heavily and reach the depth of his pocket. After reaching out some coins, he threw them over in a pile of mud. Braw, like a starving stray dog over a bone, crawl insanely like towards the puddle and grab everything he could find, pebbles and all. Byron Chuckled: "You're so pathetic you're making me cry" and went back inside with his crew to check up on the damage.
    "Hey catch!" said the Bouncer before he went back in. "It's on the house. NOW SCRAM!"

    Braw raised his hand and grabbed a nearly empty flask of whiskey of which he opened it up and smelled it, not trusting his patron. After disposing the muddy money back in his pouch, a squeaking noise sounded in his ears. It was from an old Dennese, in front of his house swinging on his rocking chair. As he was chewing tobacco in his decaying mouth, he stared indifferently at the rude Yankee. This one stood up, shake off the dust on his orange colored cape front and put his hat back on.
    "Wha-What yer lookin' at, old timer!" He screamed at him. "Thi-think this here is funny, hey?"
    He looked again inside the bottle of whiskey and then emptied it in one gulp.

    After he threw the flask on the ground, he picked up his guns and dragged his bag away from the bar before declaring:
    "Oh y'all see! I'ma gonna be rich and powerful! I'll own all this here city, this bar and yer old wrinkled butt! And y'all gonna give me money, or somethin'."

    He'll found a spot in a dark alley, still in the reach of the old man, hurl his backpack against a disgusting wall and fall down on the pavement floor faced down. He continued to mumble in his stinking breath:
    "Oh... y'all see one day... after this nap, i'll take the first ride out of this here slums... i'll look for another job and then... then... I'll be a lord... a senator or president or whatever... no a king, maybe a pirate... but in the end..." He turned over with his belly sticking out of his vest.
    "...I'll be respected." Finally, he passed out and snored, loudly. The old man, after realizing the show is over, spit out the tobacco,took his cane and decided to imitate Braw as he went back inside his house.

    But a strange figure appeared in the shadow. It slipped nice and quiet like towards Braw and carefully slipped his nimble fingers in the Yankee's money container. After realizing that the coins were muddy and pretty much worthless, he set his sight on Braws's gun holder. There was a old looking gun, with traditional Yankee symbol on it. This would certainly catch a price at a collector.
    With the strongest concentration, the thief did his best to reach out the six shooter revolver and unbutton the pouch. But as soon he touched the handle, the snores stopped, he herd a clicking sound and felt a cold object under his jaw. It was Braw's graduation's gun, ready to blow off at anytime.
    "Hey!" Whispered Braw in the culprit's ear in the most articulate manner he possibly could. "GET. OFF. MY. UNCLE'S. GUN."

    The shadowy figure fell backward into some trash and flew away like the wind. Braw let out a yawn:
    "Darn, he took my m'ney... and i couldn't see his face. Either i gotta get a job real quick... or i best be "stowaway-ing" on the next train I see... But i'm... drunker then a fish... inside an ocean of... of.."
    With all this done, he deservedly return to his slumber.
    "Don't want... to be stuck here. I wanna see all of Aagrar..."
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    "Finally", thought Affan and came out of his hideout, to the dark streets of Masera.
    "I sure hope that everybody's sleeping by now", He mumbled and started to pick the apartments lock. "Come on. Open already". "Click", the stores door opened.

    "Now where's it?!", Affan looked all around, but he didn't find it. "Must be wrong house, again" Affan started to get nervous. He had broke in several buildings and had to leave with empty hands. The sun was about to rise soon, so he had to be quick if he wanted to get something.

    He went back to the streets and were about to return in his hideout. Suddenly he saw something on an alley, .a drunken person, but he Affan were clearly more interested in the object hanging on his waste.

    "Well look what we have here" said Affan with a clearly better mood. He sneaked near the man and like he's used to, checked the money bag first. "Ahh just crap, but this other thing..." Affan reached his hand and was about to get the object. Suddenly the man woke up, put a gun against Affans head and whipered something that Affan could barely understand.

    Affan quickly fleed the scene and ran to his hideout. "So darn close, but I'll get it the next time. I'm sure of that".
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    "What a waste of time" thought Rakon, as he threw open the door to leave Byron's Bar. "I knew no one would know anything".

    Rakon began walking down the streets of the Masera. It was a busy day in these streets, something Rakon was not used to. But all the unfamiliar commotion around him didn't shake him, as he continued his determined walk. Some people stopped to point and whisper about him. His two different coloured eyes was a dead give away of his heritage. Although many would be offended by being pointed out on a public street, Rakon wasn't disturbed in the slightest, and continued his march.

    He noticed several guards running down the streets with a real sense of urgency. One guard stopped and pointed down an alley way, and the rest quickly rushed in. There was some sort of search going on for a missing man. But Rakon didn't care, he had his own men he was searching for.

    While walking down the street, he saw two children fighting. Though he didn't know what they were fighting about, he did see their parents, who were only a few feet away from the children, facing the opposite direction and talking. He stared at the parents in confusion, not knowing why they were completely ignoring the fighting children.

    As he was staring, he was bumped into by a man with tattered clothing. The man was focused on a picture he was holding. As the two of them met eyes, they didn't say a word. Rakon was mesmerized by the man's shining yellow eyes, something he had never seen before. The other man was also fascinated by Rakon's unique eyes. But after only a brief look, both men continued on their respected paths.

    As he was walking, a guard in full armour stopped him. He held up a picture of an old man and asked Rakon "Have you seen this man?". Rakon paused. He stared deep into the picture, then finally muttering the words "...Creedy".

    Rakon then threw the guard out of his way and began to run. The guard yelled at him, ordering to stop, but Rakon continued to run. He knew who Creedy was. And the fact that he was missing was in no way a good thing for Rakon. This was a man who could help him.

    Two guards stood in front of Rakon's path, each holding out a hand in a request to stop. Rakon then began to run even faster, and eventually leaped into the air. He jumped right in between the two guards, using their shoulders to propel him further into the air. Once he landed, he continued his dash. The guards knew they had no chance of catching him in their heavy armour, but still ran after him.

    After losing the two guards by walking into a crowded city square. Rakon paused to consider his options: Leave the city to continue his mission, or help find out about what happened to Senator Creedy. After a long pause, he looked up to find a guard patrolling the city square. He approached the guard and said "What happened to Senator Creedy?". "He went missing this morning", replied the guard. Rakon scanned his surroundings cautiously, then said to the guard "Need any help?"
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    just so you know guys, you don't have to wait for me to post, you can continue any time you like, interact with people, etc. That way the RPG flows more naturally and we get more interest. So keep posting if you like. You take it to the direction you want to go.
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    Hey don't worry link, i'm just trying to let the other player tell their story first before i take all the glory, know what i'm saying? :wink:

    Braw was truly having the time of his life. He was now on top of a huge galleon ship the size of a small country. Everywhere, there were crew members all all races singing to the glory of their leader, captain Braw, ruler of the Marrow Sea. And there he was, on his throne in plain view, surrounded by lustful women contently praising the many feats of Braw. As our Yankee was giving a toast to his merry men, he felt a nudge by his shoulder.

    Braw woke up from his dream. There were armored guards standing in front of him and a well dressed politician shaking his shoulder, asking him to wake up.
    "Don't waste your time, sir" Notify one of the guard. "He's just a Yankee bum. We got a whole lot of them around the city and none of them are willing to talk to the authorities"
    "I ain't no bum!" Talked back Braw, as he stood up pushing the politician away from him.
    The guards put their hands on their sword hilt. Before they would try to cut him down, the politician stopped them, saying there was enough trouble as there is.

    The well mannered man took out a picture out of his pocket:
    - Please, good sir", he interrogated Braw, "Did you see this man?"
    -Oh i've got such a headache..." Said the Yankee, as he massaged his eyes. "You'd better have a darn good reason to wake me up, pardner"
    -His name is Creedy, he is a very important Senator. People saw him near here last night. If you know anything..."
    He was interrupted.
    -"Look here buddy, last night i was kicked out and a bum took all my m'ney in this here same alley, 'k? I also stink like a skunk in mattin' season and i need to take a bath so unless you know the stinkin' punk who took my coins, I don't care if you lover is missin'. Just make like a tree and get out of my way!"
    Braw took his backpack and fled the scene, cursing his head pains.

    One of the guard sighted:
    "It's times like these when i support the DHA. That Yankee has to be up to no good."
    He turned to the politician:
    -"What should we do now, senator Deitrich?
    - Well, "answered the senator as he scratching his neck nervously,"we dispatched a whole platoon, went to the bar over there, ask any potential witness and did all the leads we could find. I'm afraid we have to follow up with the captain's solution.
    -You mean put up a bounty?" Asked the other armored guard with a disgust to his face." Won't that put the whole city in a lock down? And what will the senate say about this?"
    -I'm sure the senate will understand and postpone the conference. Creedy is as valuable to them as much he is to Masera. Let's us pray, Creedy isn't dead."
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    Nice Back to the Future reference there, Lien :D

    Matthias' eyes glowed...he saw the man in the silver/black jump suit evade those guards like they were nothing. 'He's got some serious skills', he thought to himself. He paused for a moment, looking at the picture of Creedy. He then looked up to see the ninja jump the guards...exactly like he saw with his future-seeing eyes, "Hmph, I've still got it", he said.

    He then spotted a dark alley he hadn't checked yet. It was next to the rowdy bar where he saw that good looking lady on the stoop. Matthias slowly ventured down, as the light from the sun began to disappear behind the tall walls, he started to be on guard for anything that could jump out.
    All of a sudden, the trash cans wobbled. "Someone there?"...Matthias was snooping closer to the bin, readying his arm...he quickly tipped the can aside, only to find a stray black cat who then sprinted off into the direction of the main street.

    Matthias let out a sigh, 'fucking scared the crap outta me'.

    "ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS OF MASERA!"...it was coming from the capital building's big emergency screen...
    "Senator Creedy...has disappeared! We are from here on out, issuing a reward of 50,000 Rupees to anyone who finds him - alive!"
    ...'that's a lot of money!' Matthias thought to himself.
    "Thankyou Masera...and good luck!"

    'I guess they're all having the same luck as I am with this old guy', said Matthias. He continued looking around, until he saw an object on the floor...it was a bit of rope. Matthias picked it up and examined it closer, there was something written on it...'The Golden Coast?!"..."Could this be a clue?"...Matthias paused, then he started sprinting in the direction of the capital building.

    It was hard running through the dark alleys, Matthias couldn't quite see the many boxes and pots that were scattered along the dark cobbled path.
    Just then, a dark figure jumped out right in front of Matthias!.."Who's there?!" He readied his right hand...
    "I'm not your enemy"...the dark figure had a deep voice, he walked out into the dimmed light..
    "The ninja from before?!" Matthias said in shock.
    The ninja smiled.
    "Look please move buddy, I have some urgent news regarding the missing Senator!" Matthias bellowed to the ninja.
    "You know where he is?"...said the ninja as he slowly moved his head closer to listen in.
    "I found a clue!...Come on, come with me to the capital building!"
    "....Hmmm, guess I might as well help you out...name's Rakon..."
    "Rakon huh? I'm Matthias!...Now let's get going"

    They both ran off in the general direction of the capital building.
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    Rakon and Matthias kept running toward the capital building, dodging all the people who were unknowingly blocking their paths. Everyone was scrambling around the streets, being pushed in every direction. The chaos was being caused by guards from all sides shouting orders and waving their swords.

    Rakon kept increasing his pace, dodging and running swifter through the crowds. Matthias didn't have much trouble keeping up, but became increasingly worried about his new found partner. Rakon had a very determined look on his face, and it was evident he was not going to waste any time.

    "Do you know him?" asked Mathias

    "Huh?" Rakon blurted out as he turned his head around, while still dodging people flawlessly.

    "Do you know Senator Creedy?" repeated Matthias.

    "We have a mutual friend." Replied Rakon, whose attention was focused back on maneuvering through the crowded streets.

    When they arrived at the capital building, they saw a huge gathering outside on the front steps. The crowd was become more and more restless, while the guards surrounding the crowd began standing more upright, becoming more and more aggressive.

    "What's going on here?" asked Matthias, scanning the ever-growing crowd.

    "I hope that run didn't tire you out" answered Rakon, focusing at a man walking down to the front of the steps, trying to calm the crowd down. "Because we gotta get out of here."

    "Why? Why is everybody so riled up?" asked Matthias, growing more and more concerned.

    "A bounty has been put out. There's going to be a city-wide lock down. We need to leave now."

    Matthias and Rakon turned around to find two guards standing in full armour, pointing swords at them. "Move into the crowd with the others", said one guard.

    Rakon turned to Matthias, and whispered "Hope you like theatre, because we're about to start a scene."

    Matthias turned to Rakon and grinned. "Yeah, let's".
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    All right guys! Now the plot thickens! Sorry for the long text again, it'll be the last i swear! and i wrote "suddenly" twice, darn it. I hate doing that. It reminds me of high school :p

    All throughout the poorest district of Masera, Chaos ensued, everyone feared. Fathers were packing everything they could, mothers desperately looks for their young, and babies, being carried bluntly, cried out like the plague appeared. For this was a lock down and, like every time in this glorious city, the immigrants were targeted.
    Guards cried out, waving batons and blades, ordering the mass to line up and follow their instruction but the lower class citizens knew what was going on: discrimination. The guards wanted a culprit, and they will find what they want at any cost.

    In a small hovel, a family of beggars congregated.
    "Do we have the cloth ready?" Asked furiously the man of the house "And what about food? We have to hurry to the cellar!"
    Every household members participated to the preparing. This family suffered greatly at a lock down 20 years ago where during the ensuing confusion, the grandfather, although a war hero, was stamped by the crowd. They wanted to leave quickly before their loved ones will end up incarcerated or missing.
    Suddenly, the father cried out: "The water! We forgot to stock up on water!"
    He turned to his youngest daughter: "Listen to me, take this jug and run to the fountains. Not the usual one, the one over the hill, hidden by the park. Don't let anyone see you and if you're be late, meet us at the meeting point. Now go!"
    The little girl rushed out the front door, always obedient to her father. Her mother looked at her like the world was going to end. She tried to call out her 12 years old kin but the commotion outside blocked her voices. The desperate mother pummeled desperately on the chest of her husband, insulting him, begging him to replace her daughter's role. Only then did the Father realized he acted out of panic and regretted his decision as he tried, in vain, to call his kindred back. This was a scenario that will not end well for this family.

    Despise knowing she misunderstood the request, the daughter followed her order like a soldier she wanted to be. She herd metallic footstep and knew all too well whom they were from. After hiding behind a wall, she let passed three guards unaware of the intelligent girl.
    "Hey did you understand what just happen now?" Wondered one of the guards
    "Beats me", answered the middle one. "Just know something happen at the capitol building and we need more troops. Something really big. I won't be surprise if it also involved that Creedy guy."

    When she was out of the guards' sights, the little girl continued her journey, tightly holding the jar on her head. After many sprint and pauses, she finally reached her destination, the hidden water fountain. However, something unexpected was at the spot.

    "Hey! What are you doing, dummy!" She cried out.
    "What's it looked like?" Answered back Braw the ever so inappropriate Yankee as he was pouring some shampoo out of his mechanical palm. "I'm washing my hair!"

    Braw was leaning over by the lady shaped fountain, letting the water pour out from the statue's hand unto his soapy scalp. It seems he does not care of the current situation.
    -"But that's the DRINKING fountain!" the little one exclaimed. "You can't do that! You're suppose to drink from it!
    -Wait-what? I'm suppose to what?", Utter the Yankee confused. "It's water ain't it? you drink it, you wash in it! What's with you city folk and your weird custom? It's water! It's not like if it comes in a weird stone, it gotta be special"

    The girl stomped her foot angrily.
    -"Oh! look mister", she then said. "There's a lock down and I'm in a hurry, if i don't get back quickly, my family will have to leave without me so if you please could..."
    -Ah you see thar? right there?" Braw interrupted as he twirled his mullet, squeezing the water out. "That's when i don't "Com-pree-han". You speak too fast, you use big words I don't understand one bit and you make yourself important."
    The Rude Yankee stood up straight and pulled back all his metal fingers revealing holes underneath and drew out a string, right under the wrist. After a third pull, a motor could be herd roaring and a hot breeze came out. His right hand has now became a hair dryer. The girl looked in awe.

    "You have no idea at all what's going on here, do you?" She then asked.
    Braw nodded, smiling like a fool as his face was blown away by hot air. The small maiden slap her forehead in annoyance.
    "OK..." she muttered."Let's start from the beginning. Did you here that loud screen back then? no? Gosh you're dumb. Like really dumb. Okay, so look, a lock down is coming down right now! That means, people gonna come right here and round up anyone they don't like! Including stupid people like you!"

    The gunsmith laughed:
    -"Wow kid", he remarked after putting away his hair dryer. "You REALLY make it seem like i should give a darn! I'm gonna take my leave now and leave this here city for good. So have a good...
    -You can't leave the city in a lock down! That's why It's called a LOCK down! Every exit in Masera is closed! They'll come here any minute now and they'll arrest you!"

    That's when the Yankee lost his smile. He put on his hat firmly on his head, his mouth wide open.
    "What in tarnation?" He screamed, scratching his nose intensely "You mean i'm stuck here? In a city where we divide water, old senile man stares at you when you go to sleep and people at every corner hunting for their lost "Man love"? No!"

    Braw started to jest Yankee profanity, looked around nervously and fell down on his own. He then started roll up like a fetus and mumbled some non-sense:
    "I knew coming here was no good. But i wanted a drink, bad! Oh Braw, you did it again! Now they'll gut you up like a fish! Should of stayed in the Golden coast!"

    The girl, after watching this idiot making a scenery, felt pity. All this reminded her of a puppy chasing his own tail. "What a moron" she added.
    Suddenly, she herd a noise. As she turn around, she made a shriek and drop the jar, breaking it into pieces.
    A Dennese was standing, contemplating the act he found amusing. His looks did not inspire trust nor did his smile gave serenity.
    "You say you wanna leave, Yankee?" he asked "I knew following that lil' lady was a good idea."

    The girl put her hand on her mouth.
    "Don't listen to him! He works for that Meany slum lord! That..."
    She fled the area without looking back, without knowing where.

    Braw was confused. He maintain his posture, decided to take his chances and spoke to the mysterious person, twirling his mustache:
    "So... You saying you can help me get out of here, pardner?"

    The shady dennese went straight to the point:
    "Ok so first, don't call me partner. Second, oh yeah! I can give you a, let's say, a "laissez-passer" out of here know what i mean? But you gotta help me so I can help you. Get it? No? Damn you Yankees are really dumb! Look I need you to go to the capitol building..."
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    It has been years since the city locked down, and no one expected it to occur again. Every gate had checkpoints, the ranks of the city guard swelling at the vital arteries of the city for passerby’s. Most were turned away on the spot, some forcibly removed or jailed for insisting to enter or exit the city. Those that were allowed to leave were often leered at immensely, and told not to come back any time soon. The panic that has risen of the senators kidnapping was unprecedented, yet certainly warranted. If the city guard was lucky, they would find him alive before it is too late.

    Towards a back entrance of Masera, a group pulling a cart filled to the brim with rugs has been stopped by the guards. The cart was large enough to carry at least two dozen long sided rugs, each a brilliant shade of red, green and gold. A big, ugly packmule pulled the cart, hemming and hawing as one of the four steered him towards the gate. The four men, dressed in merchant garb, waited impatiently for this inconvenience to be over as the guards stopped them short of the gate. Two of them strolled up; their swords in scabbards, while another three guarded the gates.
    “Hello, sirs.â€
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    Matthias and Rakon, side by side facing a guard each. Each armourerd foe equipped with a sword, and a shield. A tough full suit of armour was shielding enough!

    "I just got an idea", said Matthias as he slowly backed up and held up his right hand, he started to tense and concentrate.

    "What are you doing?!" Rakon echoed with a raised eyebrow. "Sigh....just tell me when you're ready"
    Rakon sprant towards the guards. The first guard steeped forward and thrusted his sword in Rakon's direction. Rakon ducked easily!
    "Holy Shit!" screamed the guard...Rakon gave out a smirk as his hand on his hilt, unsheathed his katana and swept the first guards' feet. The second guard quickly threw down a sweeping strike with his sword, Rakon then backflipped over it so elegantly.

    "OK, back off!" Matthias ordered, as he looked at his right hand, glowing bright blue. Rakon was in awe as he evaded backwards away from the second guard. Matthias had conjured up a surge of electricity in the palms of his hands!

    "Metal conducts electricity..." Matthias then paused.
    Rakon smiled, "Hmph, you guys are toast"

    Matthias quickly pointed at the second guard as the electricity sparked from the tip of his index finger to the chestplate of the guard's armour. The guard was being electricuted as he gave out a crying yelp. After 5 or so seconds, the surge stopped and the guard collapsed to the floor.

    "Dont worry, he's not dead", said Matthias calmy as he looked at the other guard who had just risen to his feet.

    Rakon stepped closer to the first guard, "so what are we gonna do with you eh?"

    The first guard growled in frustration, as he reached down to his side and revealed a military revolver!

    "Rakon, move to the right!" Shouted Matthias!
    "What?!" Rakon was confused a little.
    "Just do it!!"

    Rakon, skipped to the side, bemused whilst doing so. In the middle of it, the guard shot directly at where Rakon stood merely half a second ago!

    "how the-?!" Rakon still confused at how Matthias was doing this.
    "Ok, skip to the left, then right. Right once more, and lastly do a barrel roll forwards!" Matthias continued to order Rakon, "do it now!"

    Rakon did as he was told. Evading the guard's shots perfectly. there was something he didn't know, but he loved every second of it, "I look awesome!"

    'That's 6 bullets', Matthias quickly thought. "Ok Rakon, go for him, he's reloading!"

    The guard looked up in complete panic, unknown as to how all of his shots didnt even come close to hitting the fine suited ninja.

    Rakon angry at the guard, furiously ran towards him, and laid a roundhouse kick to the guard's face, knocking him to the floor. The fact that he performed the kick through armour was hard enough, but knocking him to the floor truly showed Rakon's immense strength.

    He pointed his sword at the guard's neck, "retreat..", he ordered. The guard scrambled to his feet, and ran in the direction of the Capital building.

    "H-how did you know all that?" asked Rakon, "the bullets, how did you know where they would go?"

    Matthias looked at the second guard, still on the floor, and began to explain, "I can predict a person's future for up to ten seconds. It is our Cetylene race's power. Everyone has the normal speed of sight, however our speed of sight is the very same as the speed of light. 10 milliseco-"

    "Ok Ok, dont lecture me on the boring stuff!" Rakon interrupted. He looked around at the chaos surrounding them both...."So partner, what do we do now?"
  15. Longo_2_guns

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    Weyland emerged from his dingy apartment in the small side street in between the poorer sections and the richer part, where the council building was. With Creedy missing, he was stuck back at square one, and needed to backtrack through his papers to find a place where he could continue without Creedy. 'Dammit,' he thought, 'and I was going to get to talk to the guy tomorrow.'

    Outside, chaos was in the streets. The city was locking down, but that didn't matter much to Weyland. He wasn't quite ready to leave.

    Amid the chaos, a very distinctive sound emerged. Gunshots, coming from the richer district. This made no sense, as not that many people there carry guns. Shots coming from the poor side happened every so often, but never from the rich side. Only a couple of the guard carried guns...

    And then it was obvious. Someone was causing a problem in the capital district. Probably the same people who took Creedy. Maybe the trail hadn't gone cold after all.

    Weyland stepped out into the street and noticed the huge crowds in both directions. He'd never be able to fight through that crowd in time. Weyland ran up the stairs in his apartment building, and jumped up onto the roof. There was a small line of shorter buildings leading up to the capital. It would be just like the Anure Cliffs during his Ledo training, not a problem at all. He took of his sunglasses, because if anyone saw him do this it would be obvious that he was Rowhn. And with that, he began to run, faster than most men could, and jumped from rooftop to rooftop with great ease. Hopefully he would get there in time.
  16. Rakon

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    Mar 18, 2007
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    "I say we follow the guards." said Matthias, pointing towards the retreating guards.

    "No." whispered Rakon, as he raised his hand to silence Matthias. "We have to get out of the city. I don't doubt that there will be heavy security, so we better be careful."

    Matthias nodded. "C'mon, this way", Rakon suggested by throwing his head in a direction. The two men began another daring attempt to get throw a huge, panicking crowd.

    "We need to stay in the city Rakon!" cried out Matthias, as he was maneuvering around a chaotic crowd. "We need to find Senator Creedy!"

    "Making sure we're still alive is more important", said Rakon, in his ever-serious voice. "That stunt we pulled won't be forgotten anytime soon. If we get out now, maybe it won't be too much trouble".

    The two travelers eventually turned into a dark alley to catch their breathe. Matthias was bent over with both hands on his knees. He had more in him, but he never had to run that much in one day. Rakon however was not fatigued in the slightest, and was peeking outside the alley, to see if they were well hidden. "The closest gate from here isn't too far" Rakon said. "But we're gonna need to be on our A game for this one. You ready?" He turned to look at Matthias who was already looking at him.

    "Aren't you even gonna ask how I did that?" asked Matthias, with a bit of impatience in his voice.

    "How you did what?" asked Rakon. "You know. The shocking thing."

    Rakon turned back to look in the streets. "I'm sure there's a good reason for it. Now, let's get a move on." Rakon then ran back on to the streets. Matthias didn't hesitate, and followed Rakon back onto the streets.

    They eventually made it to a gate. The immense metal fixture was the only thing separating them from freedom. A guard approached them, telling them they need to go to the city centre. "Well, actually, we kinda want to leave." said Matthias in a timid voice. "Hope that's alright."

    The guard stared the two of them down, then pointed to Rakon's sword."Why are you armed, boy?" the guard said in a demeaning voice. "Because everyone has arms", replied Rakon in a serious tone. Matthias let out a small chuckle, which was silenced almost immediately by a strong look from the guard. "I don't like smart asses like yourself" said the guard in a menacing voice. "Funny, because I hate scum like you" replied Rakon.

    Suddenly the guard began to float off the ground. The other guards around him began to becoming very anxious, and started pulling out their guns and swords. The guard then began gasping for air. Matthias was stunned. He turned to look at Rakon, who was had his hand raised in front of him, and was focusing very hard on the guard.

    "Davis is here, isn't he?" asked Rakon with a very serious tone. "S..S..Screw...you...blondie..." replied the guard. Rakon squinted a slightly, and then suddenly, the guard's helmet flew off to reveal a young, shady looking man. He had dark, messy hair, and a scar under his right eye. Rakon looked closely into his eyes, and repeated his question: "Is Davis here?". "...No" replied the guard. Rakon peered more into the guard's eyes.

    His focus was intense, so much so, that he hadn't noticed the two guards about to strike. Just before they were about to fire their weapons, they were each hit by two lightning bolts right to the chest. Matthias was standing and holding his arms out. They were glowing from a blue aura, and sparks were running up and down his arms. "Anyone else?" he yelled, as the guards began to sheath their weapons.

    The floating guard then dropped to the ground, gasping for breath. Rakon then turned to Matthias and said "We're not done here. C'mon, let's go". He then turned around and started walking back toward the town. Matthias, puzzled, began to follow Rakon. "Wait a sec, why are we going back?" asked Matthias. "Because," Rakon replied, "One bad guy leads to another." "So?" said Matthias. Rakon answered: "Davis is one bad guy, so we're bound to find the guy who took Creedy, as well as some other bad guys." Rakon then accelerated his pace, as he and Matthias continued towards the city centre.
  17. Longo_2_guns

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    Weyland jumped from rooftop to rooftop for quite some time, before taking one large, final leap towards the capital steps. Bad idea, because the second he hit the ground two guards were already on top of him, pinning him down. "What do you think you're doing!" one of the guards shouted. "I heard gunshots, and I came to see if someone was attacking the capital," Wayland shouted back.

    "Yeah? And what would you have done if they were? We could've taken care of it!" shouted the other guard. They picked Weyland up and pinned him against a wall. "Hey, look at his eyes. He's a fucking Walker!" one of the guards said to the other, "what's a Walker like you doing so far from the group?"

    Weyland looked over past the guards at the steps to see a guard lying unconcious on the ground. "If you've got it under control, why is he down?" Weyland asked. "None of your business, walker. Besides, it's not like you could've done anything."

    Weyland had to act fast on this one. "I was trained in the ways of the Rowhn Hunter," he managed to say, praying that they didn't call his bluff. The two guards looked at each other, and set Weyland down. "Wait right here," one of the guards commanded, and ran off.

    Less than a minute later, he came back with another guard, noticeably older with a different armor style. Probably a sergeant or something. "Is it true? Are you really a Rowhn Hunter?" asked the older guard. Weyland nodded, hoping that he doesn't think that a Hunter would never leave the group. The new guard said nothing of the sort, instead smiling and saying, "My name is Commander Alberts. As you noticed, less than an hour ago we were attacked by two unknown assailants. One of the guards on duty ran back to get reinforcements, and by the time we had arrived they had already left. Now with the lockdown in place, every available unit is either guarding a gate or a building, so we cannot spare to look for them..."

    "Let me guess," Weyland cut in, "you want me to find them."

    "Yes exactly!" proclaimed Commander Alberts. "With your skill at tracking, you should be able to find them with no problem." He was obviously misinformed about Rowhn Hunters, so Weyland took advantage of this. "I'd be honored," said Weyland. "Good good! What we know about the attackers is that both are about your size, one with gray hair and one with a blond mohawk." Not much information to go by, but not too many pairs of people are like that, even in a city this size. "Take this with you," Alberts said, handing him an armband with the Denner seal on it. "This lets people know that you've been deputized by the guard. Who knows, do this and we may have a position for you," said Alberts, happily wandering off thinking about having a Rowhn Hunter in the guard.

    Weyland put the armband in his pocket and left, heading toward the poor districts. Who knows, maybe these guys could lead him to Creedy.
  18. Lien

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    Braw spied a dispatch of troops carefully behind a back street. He wanted to follow them to know where was the capitol building but they were in a abnormal hurry, like something big happen and Braw was not the fastest Yankee in town. He had a job but he was now in a damn. He needed to get to the capitol building but as time passed, the more guards appeared at his destination. How can he sneak pass them now?

    As he twirled his mustache, thinking of a plan, his tumble over a garbage can, causing large noise.
    "Who goes there?"
    It was a woman's voice, one of authority. Braw doesn't take any chances, he empties the trash container and put himself underneath it.
    He was right to worry. A female guard appeared, weaponry in hand, looking for the source of the noise.
    "Friend or foe, show yourself now!" She yield out through her helm. But all she find was an alley filled with detritus... and an upside down garbage can, a suspicious looking one.
    She felt the needs to ask for back-up but as she was turning around, she herd the metallic container move, loudly. The guard looked back, and indeed, the container in question changed spot.
    She approached it, holding on tightly to her sword, and kicked it. It kicked back!
    "Get out of there, moron!" She ordered.
    "Huh... i can't, I'm a dumpster, that's what dumpster do, don't ya know?" Braw tried desperately to trick her.

    After grunting, she lifted up the Yankee's hiding spot, revealing him curled up. Braw dropped backward, trembling like a leaf.
    -"Wait yer horses," he told her. "There something i must tell you
    -Put you weapons down, now!" the guard charge him, without care of what the Yankee was talking about.
    -No, no, no! Look listen, I've just been assigned a job and i can't tell who gave me...
    -Put your weapons down or I'll have to resort in violence in accordance to the Lock down procedure!
    She raised her blade up towards the sky.
    "IT'S ABOUT CREEDY!" cried Braw out in fear.

    The guard put her weapon's down.
    "What did you say?" she asked. "Senator Creedy? You better start talking now!"

    Braw took back his stance, and coughed.
    "Ok, Lassie, listen well. "He then whispered, removing the junks from his rear. "I came here last night in this here city to get me a drink but after I've been kicked out, for a reason i can't tell ya, I've met this old man who happens to..."

    On the other side of the street, two guards were having conversation:
    "-Hey some of our men are being attacked!"
    -What? Where?"
    -Don't know but whoever they are, they can conjure lightning or electricity or whatever and another can use psychic. They're getting towards City Center!"
    -Lightning and psychic? What are they?"
    -Don't know for sure, but from what i herd, one of them is a Cetylene and a Haephonite."
    -What? What a Cetylene AND a Haephonite?
    -Yeah and i herd the anti-magic unit has been dispatch to hunt them down and guess who leading that unit."
    -You don't mean..."
    -Yup, gonna be a bloody mess, that's for sure and also, i herd they just hired a Rowhn who was...

    They were interrupted by two gunshot noise. The looked towards the far end of the street and rushed there, without hesitation.

    "Rule number 2: Never bring a sword in a gunfight, you dingbat!" quoted Braw the six nation's teaching to a now dead body, as he was reloading his Cartridge from his still smoking six shooter.
    "Hey, it was you or me, lil'lady! that's the law i was tought to understand, that's the law i apply here. Sorry"

    While he has been busy chatting non-sense he made up with the lady representing the law, he was taking small steps back putting him in an ideal location to snap shot the unscrupulous woman. It was a good thing he loaded his Armor piercing bullets before entering Masera.

    But he now needed to think of a plan quickly. After scratching his nose a few times, he had an idea. He removed his hat and his cape front. After unbuckling his belt, he pulled out the guard's helmet, exposing the woman's beautiful face.
    "Look here" said Braw to the dead Body. "What I'm going to do is going to humiliate me more then you, I just have to do this right now. So don't take it out on me, OK?"
    He then proceeded to unknot her breastplate and carefully removed her uniform
    "If this works, by the teaching of the old ways, i swear I'll never drink again!"

    "Hey, Laura, What's going on? Cried on of the male guards who ran to the scene We herd shots in here!"
    When the two guards arrived, they saw an armored guard standing, with sword in hand.

    -"Well what happen? here" asked the other guard looking right and left.
    -Uh... nothing!" Answered back Braw's in a most annoying female impersonation voice, hiding in the female guard's unisex suit. "...Uh, i mean yes! There was two gun sound just then! Back over there!
    -Huh? What happen to your voice? Got a cold or somethin'?
    -Hum... yes...? Yeah, it's cold in here. I better get out of here or something...
    -Well hold on, let's check this place up first...

    The guards looked around the scene. They both looked vigilantly at Braw and held on to their swords.
    "Hey Laura," said amusingly one of the guard lifting up his helm to expose a leering smile and a wink of an eye. "How about you let us guys do the job and you go back to the Barracks and drop that uniform? Hey?"

    Braw felt disgusted to be confused to be a woman and get hit on. He didn't want to let that perverted man say such things to him unpunished, even under disguise! The Yankee proceeded to give him a right hook, flinging the guard's helmet. After taking a flight of a couple of feet, the guard shielded from an horrible beating.

    "Wo wo woh! Hey Laura stop!" Begged the other guard, holding out Braw's punches. "It was a test ok? Just checking if it was you! Phew! Glad to know you still got that passion hey? haha!"

    Braw was saved by his stupidity, and it wasn't the first time either. Before Braw thanked his ancestor's spirit watching him, he notice the guard was slowly approaching the same garbage can he trip on, now upside up with the lid carefully placed on. In it, the real Laura's body folded up (while still wearing her under clothing, so you know) silently hiding from her comrade's inspection. Braw had to distract them but not exposing himself. As he was looking for a distraction. The same guard he gave a beating before looked at him speciously.
    What was he looking at? Braw looked down and saw something terrifying: He had blood on his belly, most likely from his doings.

    The nervous Yankee sweated like crazy. They were about to expose him! They will lock him up and he could kiss good by to his dreams of ruling the world! The guard pointed at him.

    "Why are you wearing a backpack?"

    Braw looked at his back, he still had his darn backpack! His idiocy knew no bound. He gambled:
    "Huh... that's medicine... Yeah that's it! Bandages and cloth bands! I was just ordered to... help the guard! You know the guard that... need medicine!"

    The gullible guard felt to the Yankee's wild imagination:
    "Wow! is it that bad at central? You'd better get there quick! I herd that Haephonite is giving a hard brawl over there!"
    He then pointed the direction and pushed the disguised Yankee to the right way. Braw was now home free! Now he could proceed unnoticed to all and get his newly acquire job done! And of course, by "not Drinking again", he met that hypothetically. At the best, he'll never drink at Masera's local breweries!

    "So... actually, i was making that one up. Was it really a test?"
    "Oh shut up! I'll get in her pants one day!"
  19. Affen

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    Affan kept his eyes closely on the Yankee who were heading to the town center.

    "That guy just loves to get in trouble", thought Affan. "I need a new plan. That guy doesn't seem to rest ever".

    "Well here it goes.." Affan jumped to the street on front of the Yankee and said "Hello there young "lady". Going to town center? This is a bad route, people rioting everywhere. Let me show you an shortcut"
  20. MattAY

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    "You see that just then, Rakon?!" said Matthias, quite shockingly.
    "What? I saw nothing..."
    "I swear I saw something on the rooftops in the distance...hmph, must be my imagination", said Matthias as he was panting quite heavily for air. "Hey wait up!" He shouted, "I'm not as swift as you, give me a break will ya?!"

    Rakon let out a sigh, "C'mon Granny, this running is good for those love handles". They both carried on running towards the city centre. There was havoc everywhere, gunshots could be heard from the poor and rich districts. Clashes of weapons were an often occurance by now, whilst the constant humming of people's voices echoed throughout the entire centre.

    "So let me get this straight...Davis isn't here?" Asked Matthias.
    "That's right, he's not" replied Rakon, as he slowed down to fit Matthias' pace.
    "...who the hell is Davis?" Matthias wondered.
    "I know he's never up to any good. I dont know him directly, I just know his name. If anyone would be involved in the kidnapping of Creedy, Davis would be the one", explained Rakon.
    "OK...ok, I think I get it...were looking for anyone connected to Davis?"
    "Hey, you finally caught on to something" said Rakon mockingly. "You're clever on the battlefield, but you dont have a lot of common sense huh Matthias?"
    "Hey, I'm just tired!" said Matthias, as they both ran into the busy city centre.

    "Ok, a lot of people will be looking for us, it's best to nip into the alleys. There'll be a smaller chance of being spotted there", said Rakon as he meandered into the nearby alley, with Matthias tagging closely behind.

    "Hey, do we have any leads?" Asked Matthias.
    "Hmmm, I guess not..."
    "Well, the best way to get gossip is from the local pubs, no?" Said Matthias, as a little gimmer of glee entered his face.
    "Sigh...you just wanna get drunk!" Spat Rakon.
    "Hey, I'm serious about our work here! Plus drinking in a pub is much better than running around out here!" bellowed Matthias, as he was checking the Rupees in his wallet.

    Rakon regretedly nodded, as Matthias walked further down the alley to find a dark pub in the slums.

    "...The Phoenix", said Matthias, "sounds like a good one, let's go in!"
    "Sigh...fine", said Rakon, whilst crossing his arms.

    They both entered the Phoenix pub, it had a dark atmosphere with very little decoration. The walls were made of a varnished wood, with dimmed lights hanging from the ceiling. The only ornament was a shotgun behind the barman's head on the wall next to the bottle of rum. There were many people in here, most of them seemed to stare at the two newcomers...

    "5 bottles of sake please!" asked Matthias, as he slammed his fist on the bar surface!

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