The EU Referendum, my plan

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    It is time to stand up for a cause. This is my solution for the EU crisis, and anyone internationally can join.
    But it specifically involves the heart and soul of gamers.

    In modern times, as well as old, it is excruciatingly difficult to gain publicity, or a following, for a movement. That is why I humbly thank the forums for allowing me to post this.

    My movement is called "Start The N."

    It is said that gamers can be very politically minded, and I think that may be the root cause for me starting this. It is no coincidence that my political values are as strong as my feelings towards the gaming industry.

    With this petition, gamers can get their voice heard and offer a novel solution to the crisis that may catch on!

    When you view the link, "you will understand."

    Thanks for listening.
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