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    Welcome to the second Weekly Picks! where 5 (sort of 10) games are picked in 5 categorizes: Buy, rent, burn/destroy, Play ASAP and Game of the Week. The the picks are mainly opinion so if you disagree a pick post your comments!

    Rainbow Six Vegas
    After Lockdown many Rainbow fans (mainly me) have been waiting for another Rainbow game to come back with the RS 3 style that made it so fun. Well Vegas came and was everything we wanted to be
    Runner Up: Zelda Twilight Princess (It's Zelda what do you expect)

    Just Cause
    The game is pretty on the 360 but for the PS2 version it becomes a rent. cinematic with parts that don't relate, bad graphics and on and on. This game is only great because of its GTA mixed with Mercenaries style gameplay.
    Runner Up: Resistance Fall of Man (Looks very fun but the graphics don't look next gen)

    187 Ride or Die
    Runner Up: Mummy Returns (Great movie, bad game)

    Play ASAP
    Wii Sports
    I haven't been able to play it but no one can resist the level of fun Wii Sports has. Go the videos and see Wii Sports and you'll see what I mean.
    Runner Up: Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (It's Metroid but Wii style)

    Game of the Week
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    Just go to the buy section of Weekly Picks! and read the Rainbow Six Vegas description.
    Runner Up: Zelda Twilight Princess (Once again its Zelda, but not as good as Vegas)

    That is No. 2 of Weekly Picks! come back next Thursday or Friday for No. 3. Post your comments.

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