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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by friggest, May 3, 2012.

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    So lately gaming does not have the allure that it did only a few years ago. I concede that I have graduated college and do not have as much time to spend on games, but the thing that bothers me is I no longer have the excitement. While in school, I spent countless hours, some would call it an addiction (I would), on PC and console games. I played WoW, Natural Selection, Battlefield 2, CoH, RE4, and others to near exhaustion.

    Lately no games have sucked me in that way the earlier listed games have done. After college I bought a PS3 and now own most of the A-list games for the system. I retried WoW and initially got sucked back in for about a month, but was quickly overwhelmed and quit.

    I am now nervous that I will not become immersed into a game that way that I had in the past. While you can argue this a good thing, a sign of maturity, and putting away childish things; I believe that you must hold onto some of your childhood things to stay young.

    I know there are many older gamers on this site so what do you think is my problem? Aging with maturity? Gamer Burnout? Elitist?
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    We already have a thread for jaded gamers. http://www.gamerevolution.com/forum/vie ... hp?t=21055

    But basically you have choices:

    1. You could go back and enjoy the classics. The taking a step back to move forward route.
    2. Play with friends because games are tens times funnier with a buddy or two.
    3. Take a break from video games. There are other stuff like books, movies, and family.
    4. Try stuff you'd think you'll never try.
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    I got bored for a while, I'd say between 22-27. Now I'm feeling like a kid again, loving gaming. Just don't dwell on it. It either comes back or it doesn't.

    I think the reason I lost interest was I was much more interested in going out and getting drunk at those parts of my life, and abusing my body. Now I'm taking care of myself, have adult responsibilities, money to watch, etc. No one is holding my hand anymore, so an ideal night off for me is usually cleaning the house, then relaxing playing a game or watching a movie. With drunk nights being few and far between anymore. So I can really get pumped up to relax and play a game that's on my mind now.

    We all crave that magic we once felt.. that's why we're all heroin addicts.

    The only gaming company I can really count on to suck me into their games and make me addicted is Blizzard. I have never been more excited to know the story of a game than I am for Diablo 3. Normally I only care about game play not story, but I cannot effing wait just to hear the story for that game, let alone everything else it brings.

    That said there are still a ton of games out that I love besides Blizzard games.

    Between Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3, and Witcher 2 on my PC right now, I couldn't be more content. I just hop from one to the other to the other. And so many more on the horizon.

    I find it funny there is an identical thread to this right below yours.

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