What are you watching that isn't Game of Thrones?

Discussion in 'Films, TV, Music, Books, Etc.' started by Longo_2_guns, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Title says it all.

    Personally, I've been in to Arrow since it came out. If you like DC comics, watch this show. It's like Smallville, only MUCH better and without all the angst. While there were a few sort of "filler" episodes in the middle of the season, it got super intense in the last few.

    And I love Green Arrow, so, yeah.

    Also, in the same vein, I'm going through Batman Beyond again. It's pretty good, but the episodes are going through a lot of the same plots now.

    And Star Trek. I've watched through about half of the Next Generation, but now I've gone back to the original series. It's pretty damn amazing, all things considered.
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    I've mostly been going back and forth between The West Wing and Breaking Bad. Somewhere in the 3rd season of WW and 2nd season of BB.

    I've been trying to split them evenly while watching, but The West Wing is so much better than Breaking Bad I keep going to it instead.

    I'm planning on starting House of Cards and Girls soon too.
  3. Paradox

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    I'm watching Arrow as well. Pretty good show thus far. If you remember my Star Trek topic from a few months ago, I'm still doing that too. I went through Enterprise, the Original series and Next Generation. I'm currently in season five of Deep Space Nine.

    I've also been catching up on Wilfred. And everyone needs to watch Archer ASAP.

    I've heard fantastic stuff about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, but haven't seen either.
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    Shameless. It helps I grew up in a poor area in the same state.

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