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    How to hide spoilers
    This is going at the top because I'll be surprised if anyone even looks in this topic let alone reads it to the end but there's nowhere else for it to go so this'll have to do. It's usually best to stay far away from spoilers but sometimes it's necessary to hover very close to them so if you need to do that at least hide the spoiler text. All you have to do is use the color tag with the hash code #F8F8F8 so it looks like this:
    [color=#F8F8F8]SPOILERS GO HERE![/color]
    Introduction to new posters
    Hello to any new posters. GR is a different type of community to most, there are maybe 50 regular posters, 10-20 of which have been here for years. We're a tight knit bunch but don't let that deter you, there are plenty of relative newcomers who have become part of the clique, it just takes an understanding of the community.

    The basic structure starts with the regular posters; this is what you are and you're the foundation of the community. The mods (Young Masters) keep the more unruly posts in order and stop anyone violating the rules. Then there are two admins who act as the link between the mods and the site owners and can make forum changes if required and finally there are the site owners who run the site and make the big decisions. Here is a list of the mods and admins. GR staff can be found here.

    If you see someone flaunting a snazzy title under their picture and want one yourself, get in touch with one of the admins (listed below) letting them know what you want it to be.



    Rules on Posting:
    1) No Porn. Plain and simple, any pornographic images or links posted will be removed and the poster will face serious and immediate sanctions. There has been confusion in the past over where the line should be drawn. Aside from what is obviously not allowed pictures where the nipple or areola (of a woman) is visible and/or the pubic region of either gender. Basically use your common sense and if you're not sure whether something would be allowed don't post it.

    2) No Advertising. Any poster making a post or topic with the purpose of advertising any good, service or otherwise will face minor sanctions. Any further advertising will incur more serious punishment. Links to funny videos, news articles and so on are fine, advertising for commercial gain is what we're talking about here.

    3) No illegal downloads. This includes asking for or giving CD keys, downloadable games, burning games to disk, free music and so on. It also includes recommending that people commit piracy of any sort. Game Revolution does not, will not and has never endorsed any sort of piracy, it's illegal, it damages the industry and deprives developers and artists of the money they should receive.

    4) No Spam. Spam is a pretty broad classification. Any topic which does not involve discussion in any form will be considered spam and locked/deleted and all involved will be warned. Singular spam posts will be deleted and the poster warned. This is not to say random thoughts cannot be posted but again use your common sense.

    5) No being a dick. You might be a racist wife beater in real life, we don't want that crap here. If your post is inflammatory and its only purpose is to annoy then don't expect to last here for long. Don't attack other members. If what you're about to say would earn you a smack in the mouth in any self respecting street then don't post it here.

    They're the five main rules you'll need to keep in mind while posting here. All four can be covered under what some of us here refer to as "common sense." Don't do anything you know will obviously not be appreciated and you'll be fine.

    Signature Restrictions
    The restrictions below seem really tight but they're really guidelines. If your signature is obnoxious the community will let you know, sticking to the guides below keeps it safe.

    • The maximum physical size of an image is 100 pixels (height) by 500 pixels (width).
    • The maximum size of an image is 100kb.
    • No animations.
    • No more than 250 characters in a signature.
    • One image per signature.
    • No image or text that would not be allowed on the forum, that means no porn, nothing illegal, no commercial advertising and so on.
    • No more than three lines of text without an image and two lines of text with an image, including blank lines.
    • No more than one quote consisting of no more than two quote boxes per signature.
    • One quote box plus one image may be allowed so long as the quote is only one line long and the picture is no higher than 75 pixels.

    Failure to adhere to the signature restrictions
    The first violation will result in the poster being referred to this topic and requested to remove the offending item in their signature themselves. If they refuse to do so a GM will remove the entire signature. If the poster offends again they will again be requested to remove the offending item and on refusal this time around their ability to use signatures will be removed for a specified period of time.

    The most heinous villains of GR will be


    For a full list of rules see the Terms Of Use
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    Let's draw attention to the minor alterations made in this topic!
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