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    Have you ever been in a "real" fight? If so... do you have a story to tell? Fighting is never a nice thing, but sometimes there's a funny story in there, somewhere. Maybe?

    Aside from competing/training in judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (which isn't really "fighting", in my opinion), I've never actually been in a real fight. There are only two encounters in my life that could be considered "fighting", except the second one I was just... kinda there, but not involved.

    First time? I got picked on and bullied a lot in high school. When I was fourteen, one particular bully had been giving it to me for over a year and I felt miserable. One day he came up to me and threw a rugby football at my face, point blank. It hurt like crap, but as soon as the ball hit me, I stood up and punched the guy in the face, without thinking. He then started to arc up with his fists up, but eventually he just sat down holding onto his face. He never bullied me again. Eventually, he started getting bullied himself by bigger and older kids.

    The second time, well... that's a weird one. I was twenty one years old and had started a new job at a mobile phone shop. About six months into the job, the guys invited me to come out night clubbing and stuff. So I went out with them. We stopped by one night club, we paid our entry fee, got our wrists stamped as proof of payment, then decided to come back later.

    We came back later and the girl at the front wouldn't let me in because I was wearing cargo pants. I was a bit drunk and debated with her, "But I paid and I have a stamp!", not good enough apparently, I was wearing cargo pants. Eventually, she said to me "You're welcome to argue with the bouncer." I had a look and the bouncer was actually a friend of mine, so I smugly said "You know what? I will."

    So I approached the bouncer, "Hey, Paul!" and just as I called out to him, some guy came out of nowhere and head butted Paul in the face. Him and Paul got into a fist fight, suddenly there was more dudes coming in and then Paul had a bunch of bouncers with him too, all punching and kicking the crap out of each other. There was even a police officer there, pulling out pepper spray and bloody using it.

    I panicked, and started moving quickly through the brawl, drunkenly trying to avoid and dodge random bodies getting shifted left to right. Where did I escape to? Inside the nightclub. With my cargo pants.
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    Only been in a handful of fights but the first one was bad. My sister has a big mouth and was always running it off when we were kids. She is the youngest but she was built like an ox so no one ever called her on her BS. One day she came in crying. She had popped off to the wrong girl and she got her ass whooped.

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