Escape Velocity revival - 2D space RPG on Kickstarter

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming' started by Mag Steelglass, May 15, 2020.

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    May 15, 2020
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    Back in the 90’s, Ambrosia Software released a series of space RPG / trading / combat games, called Escape Velocity. I spent many hours during my formative years exploring the galaxy, having run-ins with pirates and hostile aliens, and trying out different ships and upgrades. The game was also designed to be easily-moddable, and I enjoyed trying out different mods, and have made a large-scale mod of my own.

    Now, the creator of the second game, EV Override, is now running a Kickstarter campaign to remake/remaster the game for modern platforms, under the name “Cosmic Frontier: Override”. It will be compatible with existing fan-made mods, and it's also designed to be even more easily and extensively moddable than the original.

    As a huge fan of the game, I’m trying to connect with gamer communities and get the word out. (In the process I’m also learning about a number of cool games that I’ll have to try soon!)

    For those who are interested in checking this project out, contributing, or spreading the word, here’s a link to the Kickstarter campaign:
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    Jan 24, 2020
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    Apparently not. I'm a fan of the original from way back, but my tastes have grown since then and the bar is a bit higher than it used to be. Nostalgia can only take you so far.

    Kodi nox
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