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    Space ship fleet combat. There are all types of ships from fighters to carriers to destroyers etc and you can control a fair amount of the larger ones. It has everything I had ever wanted in a space fleet game: you can blow missiles out of space with point defense systems, flak cannons to defend against fast moving fighters and bombers, shields that overload when too much damage is taken and end up blowing up your ship if you don't manage them properly, armor and hull health. Right now it's just a random collection of missions, but big things are coming. The devs really pay attention to their fanbase too since it's so small and if you have a great suggestion then post on the forums found here and it might get implemented:

    Here are some videos:

    Also the developers are focused on keeping this game open for modding. Already there are some nice mods with ships and missions that I've played through, really fun stuff. I suggest this mod right here:

    Anyways, this game costs $10 Totally worth the money in my opinion, especially with the potential. The gameplay is already really fun, so with updates and customization and everything else the devs plan this game looks like it's going to be amazing.

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