Shrooms or acid with Zaireeka?

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Shrooms or LSD with Zaireeka?

  1. Shrooms

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  2. LSD

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  3. Play it safe marijuana

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  4. Don't take any, let them get high, at track number two put on Night of The Living Dead on the big sc

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  1. Frodo_Bag_Feet

    Dec 20, 2003
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    I'm going down to Louisiana next week for a business trip, I'll have about two days before I have to go back and I was going to hang out with my cousin and some old friends. One of my friends scored a gram of shrooms and some acid (not sure how much). My cousin has a pretty nice sound system (plus whatever he "borrows" from the casino he works at).Originally, they wanted rent some National Geographic video and listen to OK Computer, I talked them out of OK Computer (Great album, I just don't don't want try LSD on it) and rummaged through my closet from a time before mp3s; and found the old 'Lips albums. Which oddly enough, none of them has ever heard of the album even though they've been to their concerts on multiple occasions.

    So here's the dilemma, I've tried shrooms once but I've never had acid. Anybody who has ever listened to Zaireeka on four CD players can tell you it's disturbing enough even when you're not tripping. I can tell you right now, everyone of them is going to get fucked up. I'm not looking forward to having a bad trip. Then again, there is always option four...

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