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Discussion in 'GameRev News' started by Starling, Oct 12, 2019.

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    You have nearly lost everything that made Gamerevolution great. In fact, when I look at the front page, I almost don't see any gaming news anymore. Over half of the "news" are about some streamer or the other. Quite often, it's not even about gaming or games. The only connection these "news" have are that the person in question plays video games but in these stories even that is completely irrelevant. This is not journalism. It is not news. It is sensationalism. Gamerevolution has become a tabloid.

    And what I see is that you have a ton of people writing these types of stories and only a couple that actually write proper coverage about video games (and those couple are the few GR veteran writers left).

    It saddens me so much that quality hasn't simply dwindled, it has crashed into the ground, hard. Please, write less about streamers that did something or the other on their stream or even worse, in their private life. And write more about video games, it's industry, the developers and for the love of journalism... interview people. Interviewing is the core of journalism at large, it is not simply a page of questions and answers, it is the main source in news stories. Interview takes skill and courage, it is a dialogue between the media and industry, and even industry and consumers. It is good journalism. Reporting what you saw on a stream or what some other outlet wrote is not.

    With deep love and concern for Gamerevolution,
    your reader for 20 years
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    I'm very disappointed in GameRevolution as well. The site has changed so much over the past few years and in my opinion, has really gone downhill. The forums are especially dead, and the entire site as a whole is just riddled with obnoxiously intrusive video-based ads. This makes me especially sad as I've been visiting GameRevolution for a very long time, hell I even worked with them for three years on our now non-existent GR Strips comic.

    GameRevolution's social media kind of sucks as well. They just share memes nowadays with no credit to the source of said meme. Because that's how you Facebook, right?

    GameRevolution, what have you become?
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  3. Ivory_Soul

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    I've been a reader for 20 years as well and I agree with you and Starling. I remember when GR went into GR Beta in 2005 or so and it stayed that way for almost 3 years. Then this site suddenly popped up and the promises that were made never came to be. We never got extensive profile creation tools, we can't write review for the site anymore and that was promised to come back, the less intrusive ads were promised and they just increased, for almost a year I couldn't even log in to the forums or make comments on articles because the site is so poorly programmed. I don't know where the staff is these days, but I know they were bought out by Evolve Media a bit ago and at this point, I would rather see GR shut down than continue on like this.

    There are maybe 5 people active in the forums these days, even the people who were regulars before the new site popped up are long since gone. This used to be an active living community and now it's a wasteland of poor coding and bait articles. I honestly don't even use GR anymore except for reviews and the forums.

    Whatever is going on, we aren't even getting responses in this specific forum thread anymore from the head guy at the site. I don't even know who runs GR anymore and I'm sure the old staff is long gone now. I have a feeling this site is just run by people writing for free from their homes and probably don't even have the San Francisco office anymore.

    I miss the old GR with the mail bag articles, pictures posted of their office Halloween parties and Duke being a big part of E3 everywhere. There used to be EVENTS on GR that all their viewers could be a part of. I remember when GR would post PC demos you could download and someone on the staff would write an article about the demo and their experience. I remember the daily updates about PC patches being posted and inside news about the game industry that most other places didn't dare to talk about. Now, it's just like every other blogging game website talking about asshole streamers and what they ate for breakfast.

    I'm going down with the ship, I will keep coming back until the site is closed down for good, which I'm sure won't be much longer now. They're no longer one of the top viewed gaming sites anymore and I keep finding more and more people who have never heard of GR.
  4. FrozenBacon

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    This place died shortly after Duke sold it off.
  5. Fenrisulf

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    I'm a new user and reading all this is really saddening.
    I did have problems finding active discussion or news and those topics I've posted in just remained silent.with no repsonses.

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