19 years old rapper st4rface surprises with crazy song ''Shower Sex''

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Is this song fire or trash?

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    St4rface is 19 years old artist from small country in Europe - Latvia. He comes from even more smaller city in there - Valmiera. He is living now in capital city of Latvia - Riga, but recently he released completely new song called ''Shower Sex''.

    He released his new song in 4th of December. Song is called ''Shower Sex'' and it's pop, funk and melodical rap all in one. It's similar to Machine Gun Kelly and Juice WRLD songs. His voice is really interesting and he is really passionate about his music. His dream is not to be millionaire because of his music, but to be successful and help people with his music.

    He is releasing only songs that he likes himself. He can't release a song he don't like himself. He is trying to heal broken souls with his music and he is doing pretty well right now. You need to give him a chance and listen to some of his music. Let's help him grow and be heard! Give him a chance!

    Young artist is really creative and talented. English is his secondary language and he is still doing great. 2020 was his first year in music industry and he did pretty good statistics wise. He got more than 385 000 streams on Spotify his debut year and a lot of streams in other platforms aswell. Important to say that he released his first song only in the end of April.

    Check out st4rface's latest song ''Shower Sex'' and check out his other songs too. Song is added down below. Follow him on social media like Instagram and others too.


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