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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Lateralus, Jul 28, 2008.

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    It isn't hard to do if you start saving two years in advance for it, no. But for the average joe, or even a moderate PC gamer, we don't think about saving up for a PC upgrade a year in advance. We start thinking about it when our computer starts running like a gimp. Call it bad planning on our part, but when it comes down to it, upgrading right when we may need to isn't always an option :p.

    I could go out and buy a 4850 right now if I wanted to, but unfortunately I have to chose between that and saving money. For now. I will get a 4850 soon. I may just wait for DX11 cards.
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    Latest rumor has it the 4xxx series will be retrofitted with DX11 with a bios update ;)
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    Well said.

    Lets recap on some facts:

    This game cost me 30 euro, it is 2 years old.
    My pc is a year old, works fine and is a run-of-the-mill no-thrills Dell Dimension with a decent video card.
    You make it sound as if I'm in dire need of an upgrade urgently and in the last month or so I've be thinking about it, but damn, I have so many other important things to worry about than how I many FPS's I can achieve.

    Also, the GPU isn't "too old" (for the game anyway), as in, it was released AFTER the game came out... So it should be capable of supporting it.

    The fact of the matter is that I won't stupidly blow away money on superfluous crap. The essence of this thread was a general rant, a gripe, I didn't mention anything about a graphics card.

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