So you think you can solve the economy?

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    Hey urbs, we've added 27% to the teachers workforce in the past 30 years despite enrollment going up by only 7 or 8%. Grades across the US have failed to improve for 3 decades. Department of education and unions are dragging our students into stupid hell, get with the program. Yes unions did well in the past, but so did Nazi Germany in getting Germany out of a depression. Look at the complete failure of GM and american car companies; it's the unions. Dragged them to hell.

    I love the attacks on the rich. Tax the "rich" etc. How is it not rich when a small time local union can donate 25 million to obama, and the SEIU can spend over 400 million to get obamacare passed, and then exempted from it?! fucking kidding me? How is it that "rich" wall street donated 3 to 1 to democrats over republicans. It's all there. Look it up. You tax the rich, they go to china, simple fact. You want to tax them effectively? Enforce a NWO on taxes. Buffett admitted he only pays some 16% in taxes due to loop holes and shit; google pays around 4%. They pay nothing because they have the lawyers to make sure they don't pay nothing.

    They're equally awful.
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    There are good unions and bad unions though and it varies from industry to industry and state to state. I know tons of friends who are fed up with their unions and I know tons of friends who feel they wouldn't have a job if it weren't for an awesome rep.

    This swings both ways.
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    Side scrolling makes baby Jesus cry so I changed the picture to a URL. If you want to stick in a smaller version of the pic go for it.

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