Bretimus - Family in Brazil?(Landslide/flood related topic.)

Discussion in 'Films, TV, Music, Books, Etc.' started by GRColin, Jan 17, 2011.

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    If yes, and they live in Rio De Janero and have been injured or lost their homes due to the landslide and flooding that has claimed the loves of 700 people, my thoughts go out to them Well, anyone there for that matter. It's an unfortunate event and one that will likely set back Brazil's economic progress and more importantly affect the lives of many residents in the state of Rio De Janero and the entire country.

    If anyone wishes to make any sort of donation, you can do so here: http://teresopolislandslidehelp.chipin. ... -landslide

    And here:
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    Fortunately, for myself, I have no personal relatives in the area. Or known relatives at least. I'm adopted, so my ties to Brazil have come from contacts that I've made later in life. I do have a couple friends in and around Sao Paulo. But this is a rather unfortunate thing to happen to people who already don't have the best living circumstances.

    I hate hearing about land slides. I was in a small one when I was a kid and it freaked the crap out of me. Earth is supposed to stay still.
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    Mother Nature tends to surprise us. Like myself when a flood hit our place.

    Hope thing's will get better there soon. :)
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    Its funny, i grew up my house life in the tropics where the only real natural hoo haa we'll get is a bit of a flash flood and we just kinda splashed around in that. Now that i'm in eastern WA and its gone up to 40 during the middle of winter, most people are like wtf happened to winter?

    Then again, its snowing outside right now, so i guess i better brace myself for some cold.

    But unfortunate, first Australia and the floods and now Brazil, not to mention of course all the crap going on in Tunisia and Egypt.

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