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    Twisted Metal IV Quick Review

    Twisted Metal is a game series developed by 989 Studios, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation. The game is a vehicle battle game which is the main goal is to win a tournament called Twisted Metal. The creator of the contest, Calypso, will grant any wish of the winner. It has 8 sequels that started from the first Twisted Metal in 1995 exclusive for Playstation1 up to the latest Twisted Metal 2012 for Playstation3. For this review I will cover my favorite sequel on this series, the Twisted Metal IV for Playstation1. Twisted Metal IV is a huge success in the late 90’s, and is considered as one of the best multiplayer game for PS1 platform.

    Story: 8/10

    The story is a bit dark. It is about how Sweet Tooth’s success of taking powers and authority from Calypso, the creator of the Twisted Metal tournament. You can appreciate the story if you followed it from the first Twisted Metal, but for gamers that only wants adrenaline rush and the need for crushing vehicles, they are more likely to skip the cut scenes of the game.

    Gameplay: 9/10

    The gameplay itself is intense. AI’s are smart, you will find it hard to finish the game without using cheats. You can play Single Player as well as Multi Player as long as you have extra game console controllers. Items are scattered all over the battle arena, it is just a matter of strategy on how you will use the items and hide on blind spots to minimize contact with other players.

    Graphics: 7/10

    Considering the year the game was published, we can say that Twisted Metal’s graphics is superior with other PS1 games. But now if you ask if the visuals are appealing, it might make the player vomit. It has so many visual effects that sometimes make your PS1 overheat. From the character design as well as their vehicles, the graphics is truly outstanding for its time.

    Music: 10/10

    In this game I developed my affection for heavy tuned music. A perfect score for me, because it matches and highlights the adrenaline rush action that the game offers. I can’t think of any better music to suit the game. Imagine you are firing ballistic weapons and ripping apart your enemies with your special skills, and then the music is an upbeat pop music? Many players might find it very unacceptable.
    Replay Value: 10/10

    The game is a real win even if you play with it again and again. There’s a lot of character available for unlocking every time you finish the game, including the final boss Sweet Tooth. Also, you will get to know each of the character’s ending. Every character has different story endings and it is interesting to know each of them.

    Multiplayer: 9/10

    Just recently I have learned that it is possible to fight with a set of Twisted Metal players through a networked Playstation1 console, which is a big point for the multiplayer factor. You can play multiplayer on your own console as well on a split screen mode; you can be allies or enemies. It scored almost perfect because the feeling that the game gives on a multiplayer mode is priceless.

    The game’s adrenaline factor is its major asset. If you are an action-seeking-vehicle-lover-metal-crusher fanatic and a retro gamer, this one is for you.
    Although this is an evidently great game, only retro players will appreciate it because the gaming console of the platform is phased out.

    This game left a mark on every Playstation gamer. This is one of the evidence that graphics is not a key reason to play a game, it is the gameplay. Even though the game was phased out, Twisted Metal IV deserves a title as the best vehicular combat game ever made.
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    Well. You forgot to add the link! :p

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