Silent Hill 2 Questions (SPOLIERS)

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Dark_Legacy, May 13, 2006.

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    Ok this is for Hex and mC , I know they'll know.

    I just completed SH2, and I got the LEAVE ending, where James and Laura leave Silent Hill together.

    From what I read, is this the good+ ending? Seems there is four endings, is one the alien one?

    Please inform me on all the endings and how to achieve them. Thanks guys.

    Small line of comments. SH2 took me 11 hours to complete. The change to Hell HIll as I call it was too random, I remember SH1 being more pronounced and scary. I dunno why, perhaps it was more announced as a change, or the change to darkness was appropriately timed.

    I played without a guide, and I got a pretty good ending. because I can't logically pick out an specific incidents where I felt I did more than I was suppose to I can'd deduce exactly what to do to get the other endings.

    I got six stars for completing it and I am unaware of any rewards you can or I might have earned by completing the game on Normal Difficulty across the board. The puzzles were not exceedingly diificult and rarely made me step away to clear my head.

    I liked it, I prolly would have liked it more if I screwed up and got a more twisted ending. Like I did in silent hill 1. Anyway, on to Silent Hill 3! woo.

    Thanks guys.
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    Silent Hill 2 Spoiler Warning (sex with dogs)

    Silent Hill 2 is a much more subtle game, everything is much more subdued, you don't have all kinds of sirens and stuff announcing every time you cross over into the otherworld (hell hill :)).. instead it just sort of happens, often without you even noticing it's happened. I like this actually, it makes it seem as if the two worlds are much closer together than we thought in the first game, and they shift back and forth very easily.

    There are 5 endings in Silent Hill 2. Unlike the first game, there is no "good" or "bad" endings; it's up to the player to decide which ending they think is the best, or the truest ending. Those endings are...

    Leave - the most common ending. James defeats the Mary boss, makes peace with himself over what he did, and leaves town with Laura to start a new life raising her, just as Mary's letter to Laura said she wished they could do (raise Laura together).
    Maria - James defeats the Mary boss, makes peace with himself and leaves town with Maria. It is believed Maria is a creation of the town, modeled after Mary. The fact that James decides to spend his life with his dead wife's fun-loving duplicate seems wrong.. (can't quite think of the words I want to say here). At the end, when they're walking away together, Maria coughs, just as Mary did. Does Maria have the same disease? Will she too end up on her death bed just as Mary did prior? Will James' nightmare repeat itself? Has he truly made peace with himself as I said above? If he's turning to an almost exact duplicate of his dead wife to spend the rest of his life with, then maybe he hasn't.
    In Water - James doesn't forgive himself for what he had done to his wife and is so grief-stricken he literally drives his car into the lake and kills himself. Mind you, we don't see any of this, we only hear the sounds of James getting into his car, starting the engine, driving through some form of barrier and a big splash, all while looking at a murky underwater scene.
    Rebirth - IIRC, you had to have beaten the game at least once to be able to get this ending. Through out the game, on your second play through, you'll find 3 objects that weren't there the first time through. Let's see if can remember what they're called: the White Chrism, the Book of Crimson Ceremony, and some other bottle of something. Yeah! Anyway, if you've collected these three items, at the end of the game James rows out to a small island in the middle of the lake, where there presumably is an altar on it or something. We never see him do anything, but on the way over as I recall he's thinking to himself something about starting over, something about a rebirth, a second chance.. the widely accepted theory is that he's going to perform some ceremony to bring Mary back from the dead, so he can have a second chance with her. Mind you, to do this he's invoking a pretty hefty religious ceremony used by the cult, and who knows what new can of worms this will open up for him. The rebirth ceremony is talked about when you read the Book of Crimson Ceremony, when you pick it up.
    Dog - The joke ending. To get this ending you have to have either A. completed all three of the normal endings (Leave, Maria and In Water) OR the Rebirth ending. Across from Rosewater Park you'll find a small doghouse in a lot with a bone-shaped key in it. James will keep this with him until almost the end of the game, in the hotel. On the 3rd floor is a locked door which on the map is called the Observation Room or something. Use the bone-key on it and find out the true powers behind Silent Hill!
    Dog Spoiler: There is a control room, with a dog sitting on a stool moving some levers. James goes in, says "So it was you!" (or something similar) in Japanese, and bows to the dog (who then licks his face). Credits roll with some of the funniest music you'll ever hear in a video game, with hilarious images of the characters playing behind the credits.

    Getting the endings is a little different than in Silent Hill, in which you had to perform a certain action at a certain point in the game to unlock the endings, such as killing or not killing certain people, etc. Silent Hill 2 is totally different:
    Think of a big balancing scale, with three tray things (I'm not up on proper scale terminology), each perfectly balanced. Each of these three tray things represents a different ending, Leave, Maria and In Water. Certain actions you take and behaviors you show during the game will add weights to the scales. For instance, going for long periods of time without healing will add weight to the In Water ending, constantly looking at the picture of Mary in your inventory or reading her letter will add to the Leave ending, defending Maria as she follows you and not running too far away will add to the Maria ending, while running far away from her and not waiting for her to catch up (or allowing her to take damage) will take away from it.. checking back on her frequently while in the hospital (when she lays down for a rest) will also add to the Maria ending, and so on.
    It's a really cool way to do it, and I like it because you never totally know which ending you're going to get. There are many more factors btw, I just listed a few off the top of my head.

    The reason why you and most people got the Leave ending their first time through, is because you more than likely constantly made sure you were healed, looked at Mary's picture and letter a few times, and distanced yourself from Maria (by running ahead of her on the streets and not checking back on her in the hospital room). This is because most people on their first play just want to get out of there quickly and solve the mystery.

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    The first time I played the game I got the Maria ending because I protected her and checked in on her when she was in the hospital room. I also let her catch up to me as I ran throughout the town.
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    Maria Ending
    -Immediately go where Maria tells you to go. Do not go the opposite direction or make her tell you twice
    -Make sure Maria suffers none or very little damage
    -Spend a long time with Maria before leaving her in Room S3 3F of Brookhaven Hospital
    -After you leave Maria in Room S3 3F Brookhaven Hospital, return and check on her often
    -After leaving Maria's cell in the Labyrinth try to re-enter the room (the white door, not down the stairs)
    -At the last long corridor before the Final Boss after the Pyramid Head Duel don't listen to the conversation and quickly run forward until you reach a door

    In Water Ending
    -Examine Angela's Knife in your Inventory
    -Read the Diary on the Hospital Rooftop
    -After viewing the videotape and James confesses to Laura, go down to the Reading Room on 2F and listen to the recorded conversation on the headphones on the desk
    -Listen to the entire last corridor conversation of Mary sick in bed before the last Boss Fight
    -Go through the game with Red health status often

    Leave Endind
    -Recover your stamina (health) as soon as it drops. Try to keep green stamina throughout the whole game
    -After meeting Maria in Rosewater Park do not head east and do not make Maria tell James which direction the Hotel lies
    -Listen to the entire sick bed conversation of Mary sick in bed in the last long corridor before the last boss fight
    -Do everything that is recommended to avoid the Maria Ending

    Rebirth Ending
    This ending is probably the closest connection SH2 has with SH1. Collect and have all 4 of the secret items in your inventory when you beat the game

    -White Chrism- Blue Creek Apartments Room 105 1F
    -Lost Memories Book- In newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station
    -Obsidian Goblet- Silent Hill Historical Society Museum in the smashed display case in the second room
    -Crimson Ceremony Book- After you view the videotape in the hotel, go down to the Reading Room 2F and it's behind the headphones on the bookshelf

    If you have Restless Dreams then there is also a UFO ending.

    Believe it or not but I actually got the In Water ending on my first go around. I did go for a long period of time on red health simply because I tried to take on Pyramid Head and he almost killed me. I wandered around the labyrinth, trying to find some health but didn't get any until the fight with Eddie.
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    ^ I also got the In Water ending right on the first time. Of course I examined Angela's Knife... I tried to examine everything I found and as thoroughly as I could, so I wouldn't have to replay. And I always tried to let myself get hurt deeply enough before using potions - just to make sure that not one drop gets wasted just becouse I use them with too good health...

    Silent Hill 2 was simply great. Haven't ever replayed a single game (not counting Sonic, since it's a bit short...), but I may consider it with this one. If I run out of new games that is...

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