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    Anybody here interested in this motor sport? What do you think of the current season; any favorite drivers/teams? Team Force India has been my favorite team to watch this year, along with Fernando Alonso in the McClaren/Honda. I'm watching the Grand Prix in Canada right now. You can find a stream with a simple google search. You should tune in! It's chalking up to be one of the best races of the year!
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    I don't watch, but I should. I am very, very interested in cars, and have been all my life. I find European GT style racing more interesting, since I like to see sport-level cars instead of F1, but I have been meaning to warm up to F1 since watching an Aryton Senna documentary.
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    I used to - not anymore!

    The starts were the best bit - potential crashes etc. After that I get bored.
    "and he's gaining 0.11 seconds on him per lap!...there are 40 laps left!"

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