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    Hey guys, haven't posted in ages.

    My band, Crimson Black, is picking up the pace. Looking for a new singer to really complete our line-up atm, and doing quick instrument covers while we're in limbo.

    We did a cover of Iron Man recently. Check it out on our channel:

    Since Dio passed away, RIP, we're thinking of dedicating a medley to him consisting of some of the best riffs of his greatest songs.

    So far I've got Holy Diver and Heaven and Hell arranged in the piece, but any advice on other epic riffs is very welcome! So what are your favourite Dio songs!?

    Perhaps post a top-5?
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    Nice, heavy stuff, but you probably won't get much farther than YouTube and your garage with Duct-Taped-Mo down there. He looks like he'd be comfortable in a skirt, too, with the way he performs.

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