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    So I'm usually not a fan of watching lengthy videos on YouTube--by lengthy, I mean five minutes--but when my friend introduced me to this series, I was hooked and I've been sharing it with people since then. The series is by Reckless Tortuga and if you're a gamer, especially a CoD one, you can easily relate and if you're not, you'll get a good laugh out of it anyway.

    As the series became popular, fans demanded more and Reckless Tortuga answered with two more episodes last week. Here's the last one to catch you up to speed. Below are links to the censored versions. You can find the uncensored ones on Reckless Tortuga, here, but I should still warn that this is not for the easily offended.

    I promise it gets good when it reaches 30 seconds. :)
    The Online Gamer: Black Ops Episode 6

    Then here are the most recent ones, which is a continuation from Ep. 6 -
    The Online Gamer: Revenge Ep. 1
    - and -
    The Online Gamer: Revenge Ep. 2 (Uncensored - sorry, couldn't find a link to the censored one)

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