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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by LinksOcarina, Aug 24, 2011.

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    If I am allowed to post a link at least, I was able to write up a review in the vein of what I have seen from here (so thank you Nick, Brian Gee, Duke and Colin for making creative reviews.)

    So...for the risk of being banned, I want you guys to check out my choose your own adventure of Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death.

    I am hoping you guys, out of anyone out there, would appreciate this one.
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    I was thinking of doing this same thing for the Catherine review I just posted. Maybe there should be a specific sub-forum for this knowing that it would be nice to get CC for the people who do enjoy typing reviews out.

    EDIT: For GR Member Reviews and what you posted Links as well.
  3. Bretimus_v2

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Links, that was awesome. I really enjoyed it. A little while back (when I started the Mar/April Madness/Absurdity) I had mentioned that I had another game for the forum. It was actually going to be a CYOA thread with three writers. I hate the continue the story threads because they usually end in forum member abuse or pissing contests. So I thought that a CYOA thread where the author gave 2-3 options at the end would be great and then the next designated writer would have to try and make something out of whatever the people and the other author voted on.

    Back to you and away from my never launched "game". Awesome review. Really enjoyed it. Hope you don't get banned. Spammer.

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