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    Look at my title.

    I Strongly Concur.
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    I can't see myself even thinking about playing this game without laughing and then hitting myself for thinking about playing such a crap looking game. This game just fails for the following reasons
    a) I have actually encountered and interacted with naked women in my lifetime so I don't really feel the need to pay to look at scantily clad polygonal women
    b) If I did feel the need to look at cgi women I'd just go to the web where I can do so for free without terrible gameplay getting in the way
    c) If for some reason I really felt the need to control scantily clad bouncy women I'd just play DOA, Soul Caliber or anygame featuring Mai Shiruni
    d) If I wanted to play a game where I just mindlessly beat people up, I'd just play Streets of Rage, which appears to be a better game then this piece of crap and has a more attractive female lead, who is also part of my username. If Streets of Rage happens to be unavailble I'll just play another 1 of the dozens of old school beat em ups I have at my disposal.
    Lastly I want to say that apple pie is pretty good but the king of pies is banana cream. It's also the funniest of pies, bar none.

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