Nobody cares Ugh, let's all talk about anything else...

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    Not really, just an inquisitive time of the night! I mean all my other friends were way more drunk, they're probably fucked tomorrow, but shit i'm not thatbad I don't think.

    Matt that's a good idea, I think I'll text her and ask her about the whereabouts of her juicy bits.,,

    edit: dude, holland? fuck that shit. I'm coming down to Australia man, nobody's gonna be making any friends by telling people they moved to fucking holland. isn't that where tylzen lives? lol Marius lives there too. unless there was some custody battle and now Marius is in the hands of an estranged relative, or maybe the holland government for testing! I'll give them one thing, those Hollanders are damn good at soccer. that's what they're turning Marius into! asuoerpowered soccer machine. but seriously master don't move outta Australia yet, I actually wanna go down there.

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