My Own Gaming Youtube Channel - Need Feedback/Tips/Software

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    Hello Guys! I have made my own gaming youtube channel just a few months ago showing gameplay and strategic videos of different games I'm currently playing both on my PC and mobile phone.

    Just wondering if I could get some feedbacks here, recommendations, or like what software some are using when creating their own gameplay o gaming video reviews. Thanks! :)

    My editing software: Adobe Premiere
    My gameplay video recorder: Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder(For PC and Bluestacks)

    My Gaming Youtube Channel
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    Hey mate, I've had a quick squiz at your channel. So far, congratulations on your views and on your subscribers! Well done, for such a short amount of time. Whatever you do, don't be like me, don't give up. I tried to make a YouTube channel and I gave up because I wasn't enjoying it.

    Despite quitting YouTube, I'm actually very good at video work so... I have some tips and advice for you that may help you.

    1 - Get a better microphone.

    I noticed in your later videos you've got a decent quality microphone, however in your first introductory video, where you're on screen, your microphone isn't too great. When filming yourself with a camera, I'd recommend using an external microphone of some sort, such as a shotgun mic, or a lapel microphone.

    2 - Have an identity.

    You already have a user name. That's a good start. However, I believe your channel and user name needs a logo of some sort. Furthermore, I believe your channel could also use a quick, five to ten second intro video/animation that utilizes your logo, but could be placed at the front of all your videos. This will help viewers understand who you are and "ease" them into your videos.

    In regards to animations, you can download Adobe After Effects CC and either pay it as a monthly or yearly subscription. Nowadays, the Adobe software is actually quite affordable! To learn more about After Effects, here's an amazing video resource website -

    As for designing a logo... you can either try that yourself using Adobe Illustrator or/and Photoshop, or find someone to do it for you. There are websites out there that provide design services, if you need to go that route.

    3 - Spread yourself out on social media, but don't go too far.

    You've got a YouTube account, that's great. Have you thought of other forms of social media? I would probably suggest a Facebook page or/and Twitter account, that way you become more accessible to your viewers and can in a sense, produce more content on a regular basis. Don't try too many forms of social media though, you only want to focus on a few.

    4 - Try to keep your videos short and organised.

    I think it might be ideal to try and have your videos shorter, somewhere between five to ten minutes. I noticed you have a few videos that are only about two or three minutes long, and that's good, but those videos are silent without any narration. Also, try to have your videos sorted out in play lists and categories.

    5 - You may need to branch out.

    I know you love mobile games and Blade and Soul, but I've never heard of those games and personally... I don't have any interest in them (I say that with all due respect, I'm not trying to be rude). Have you thought about covering other games you may enjoy but more so that your audience can relate to?

    I hope these tips help you out, man. Best of luck. :)
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    Wow awesome fully detailed feedback.

    For your number 1 feedback. Yes we plan to revise the introduction and make it just as good as the latest videos for new viewers/subscribers. :)

    For number 2. Indeed! My editor is now study how to put after effects for our intro and ending remarks. As for the logo we are unsure yet but maybe will just improve the design for our youtube channel name, "YouTOB".

    For number 3. Don't have a page for our channel but I am spreading it using my facebook and other forum accounts but definitely not in a spamming way. lol

    For number 4. Yeah, videos kinda hard to shortened due to some matches being too long. Guess we should cut some parts. So far I just put caption on certain minutes like say "You may skip to 17:40 to see how the game ended miraculously" in some videos.

    As for number 5. We really plan to do that we just don't have enough time for it yet. But yeah, soon this channel will have lots of different games. We even want to do reviews like top maybe not only on games but other stuff like animes, console games, in the future hopefully!

    Thanks a lot for this awesome feedback Master_Craig! Big help!

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