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    Welcome to Heart of the Revolution, a brand new community-driven feature in which we're asking GameRevolution's readers to share with us their favorite gaming stories and memories. To participate, post a new thread.
    • Share Your Story. Do you want to recount that year of your life you lost to your World of Warcraft addiction? When you'd fight with your sibling over who got to be player one and who would be player two? Or having your mind blown by Asteroids on the Atari 2600? Whatever your story is, we want to hear it!
    • Get Published. Our favorite entries in Heart of the Revolution will be posted on the GameRevolution homepage, alongside your author byline for the whole world to see. No restrictions, no limits, and our team of editors will tidy up your posts before you before they make their way to GR. Submissions should be 400+ words.
    • Win Games. Our team will be making a note of who is making the biggest impact on the forums, with those who lead its community set to be awarded video games for their efforts. There's no better way to be in with a chance of winning these games than participating in Heart of the Revolution, and the first three entries that are chosen to be featured by GR's staff are each guaranteed to win a free game.
    So what are you waiting for? Get posting! Anything you want to write about your personal experiences with a video game, we're listening, and we're ready to reward those we like the most.
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