Gee, so sorry guys.

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    Yes, I drank too when I was underage. In fact, if you go to the Archives. Look for a topic by StalfrosCC (should be on the first page). This will tell you the reason why I decided to quit drinking until I turn 21.
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    Quite a comedic read actually :D

    I used to be able to hold my liquor real good when I was 18. But over the past few years my intake severely dropped, in fact, I can count the amount of times I drank last year on a single, normal, 5-digit hand. Its all about moderation bro.

    When I got arrested, I was at school. We had auto shop in the morning, and it wound up taking my friend and I about a period and a half to change the power steering belt on his car. Went with him to put his car back in the parking lot when he asked if I wanted to drink a beer before heading back in. Being a partial idiot at the time, I said yes. So there I sat in the passenger seat, beer in hand. As I put my hand on the top to open it, I felt the sudden breeze of the door opening, looked to my right, and there stood the school deputy.

    His words of wisdom for me: "That is not a good thing to have at school!" What a day, what a couple months that led to.

    In all seriousness, there is nothing wrong with indulging a bit. You should, when its your birthday its generally the least you deserve. Just moderate your intake, and find a safe way home.

    Me, from 17-20, when I got drunk, I'd call my mom. Regardless of the time. They want to spend their lives going around telling you "If you are drunk at a party, just call me and I'll pick you up, regardless of the time. Don't want you drunk driving." So I called her bluff :)

    Love you mom.

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