Sudoku Fruit Heroes

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    Hello everyone!

    We would like to share with you a special game - combines with creative puzzles, Sudoku Fruit Heroes
    Now it’s FREE to play on Facebook App Store
    and will be launched very soon on Android and iOS! TRY IT NOW: SUDOKU_FRUIT_HEROES

    More information about this game:

    Revolutionized 2x2 Sudoku, in combination with creative puzzle elements.
    Fun actions and unique characters designs.
    Progress through different episodes, each with unique gameplay mechanics.
    Score satisfying combos as you fill different rows, columns, 2x2 squares with 4 unique fruits.
    Compete with friends and players around the world to climb up on the leaderboard!

    Episode 1: The Journey Begins
    Episode 2: Love Is In The Air
    Episode 3: Magical Show
    Episode 4: Creamy Delight
    Episode 5: Sleep Balance
    Episode 6: Beach Carnival
    Episode 7: The Apocalypse





    More episodes coming soon! Stay tune!

    Sudoku Fruit Heroes is completely free to play, with some optional in-app purchase.

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