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    I don't know how to edit the cheats, or if it is even possible to, so I decided I would just post my knowledge here.

    To get Mew in the original pokemon games:
    There is a trainer north of Cerulean that uses only a slowpoke. You must avoid that trainer for the cheat to work. On route eight, at the entrance to the second underground path that connects lavender town and Celadon city, there is an old man standing outside the door. Have a pokemon that has fly on your team before you face him. Right when you enter his line of vision, juast as the exclamation point appears, press start. save before you do this, because it will probably take more than one try. Fly to Cerulean city and face the slowpoke kid. Then fly back to lavender and exit the city to the west. mew will then appear.

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