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Let's cast a gaming Movie: Watch Dogs 2 [Studio]

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by UrbanMasque, Sep 13, 2018.

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    May 16, 2007
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    Hello New Friends & Old Friends!

    What is this:
    This used to be one of my favorite threads on VR and it compels forum members to nominate their favorite directors, actors, and cameos in a modern day video game as if we were Hollywood producers!

    How it works:
    When I select a category/character, we nominate our picks for that position along with a link to something you've seen the in recently or a link to a film that gives us an idea of their strong points and the type of character they would be. When we reach a 'general' consensus - we decide on casting that person for the role and move on to the next category until we have a fully cast flick ready for Summer blockbuster season!

    The Movie:


    This movie will be taking place in SF and following the story line of Watch Dogs 2 and we will be casting for these characters, but since this is a Hollywood remake of a video game we can take certain liberties with who we want to incorporate and who we want to omit from the story. So we can bring in characters if important for the film from the first game and work them into the cast on the movie.


    • Aiden Pearce
    • Wrench
    • Marcus Holloway
    • Raymond Kenney
    • Sitara Dhawan
    • Josh Sauchak
    • Horatio Carlin
    • Dušan Nemec
    • HaDoCk
    • Jimmy Siska
    • Mark Thruss
    • Steven Bader


    What Studio do we think would best tell this story given its location, CGI effects, and the 'gritty hacking' technical aspect of the story?

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