Traditional Marriage.

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    Yeah, I thought it was going to be more gay love and less faggotry. But what can you do?
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    New Topic

    Using particle acceleration to harness energy from antimatter through electron–positron annihilation: Americans just don't get it.

    Antimatter rocket propulsion is the fuel of tomorrow's tomorrow. It takes literally hundreds of pounds of nuclear energy to equal the power yield of what is only about 5 pounds of animatter/matter. So how do we get there? It's the costliest material to make, and you can't even contain it with any container made of normal matter, as the antimatter would combust equal parts matter/antimatter! argh! Also the American health care system is in shambles, so there's still that to take care of. 9/11 is still an inside job, and the US dollar is weaker than ever.
    One has everything to do with the other, how dare you.
    Americans, with the aid of NASA, used antimatter explosives during 9/11.

    Let's continue..

    With Car Safety, Maintenance, and the American Debt.
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    Government is fucking all of us in the ass, they don't wanna work overtime for a double ass fucking

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