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    As the midterm elections rapidly approach, what's going on in your state? Any teabaggers the front runners of your state's GOP? Any Independents making strides? Any serious issues you'd like to discuss?

    In Florida our Governor race is between Rick Scott for the Repubs, who right before he won the primary was a "GOP Outsider" but is now sitting pretty amongst the GOP regulars. Also he's known for being involved in the largest medicaid fraud case in the state's history. Which he claims he knew nothing about. Just the kind of guy you want to lead your state.

    Then there is Alex Sink for the Dems. Though labeled the vile term of "Liberal" by her opposition, she's as conservative as a Democrat can get, which means she's moderate. Spent 26 years as a banker and served on Crist's board where her stance has been as moderate as it comes.

    For the open senate seat, its a three way battle:
    Marco Rubio for the Repubs
    Kendrick Meak for the Dems
    Charlie Crist as an Independent

    I like Alex and Charlie. And Dan Gelber.

    What about your fine state?
  2. Eyebrowsbv31

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    Just one important race for senate seat. (R) Roy Blunt (who gets the stoner vote, from what I understand) vs. (D) Robin Carnahan, from Missouri's one and only political dynasty. Not much of a difference between the two, the former will lockstep in with the republicans, the latter will be in lockstep support of the Obama administration. we had our governor's race last cycle, and got (D) Jay Nixon, standard moderate fellow, he'll be boring and do nothing of importance.

    We don't have anyone from Delaware here (in the forums), but having a witch in the senate sounds brilliant. That's game over though. Although if you ask people to list the 50 states and their capitol, Delaware is often forgotten about.

    Also also, if you're a smoker, we have the cheapest cigs in the country now, hoorah. Killing them slowly and softly.
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    The senate election is a no brainer in New York , both Schumer and Gillibrand are pretty much locks, unless something nuts happens.

    So It's status quo, with the Dems holding NY for now.
  4. used44

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    Lisa Murkowski was beat by newcomer teapartyist Joe Miller in the republican primary, so she just announced a write-in candidacy and the GOP is super butt-hurt about it.
  5. Shaft

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    Rick Snyder is probably going to be Michigan's new governor. He is a republican running under the campaign slogan "One tough nerd". He has my full support.
  6. SK

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    Apr 28, 2002
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    Arnold for President.

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