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    His name is Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North -koc gems , and is a free strategy game for iOS devices from Apple.

    The game - kingdoms of camelot gems, is getting a big hit among users of Apple.

    In the last hours the app in question Has Been updated to version 12.1, in Which We have made ​​some improvements, and in Particular Have Been fixed some bugs responsible for instability problems in earlier versions.

    Conquer and save the Kingdom, but at the same time defend against any enemy attacks are the main prerogatives and objectives of Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North.

    Photo Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Click the photos to enlarge
    As for the many game features, more details can be found in the description of this game just on the App Store.

    Here is an excerpt of the Peculiarities of the game's strategy in question:

    Play online with Thousands of other players;

    Shake diplomatic alliances with other kingdoms;

    Train Swordsmen, Archers & Catapults;

    Defeat your enemies and conquer the map;

    Strategies in real time using chat;

    Participate in tournaments to win valuable prizes;

    Build a powerful and worthy of the great City North.

    How to integrate the reserves of food in the game Kingdoms of Camelot

    Lately the game Kingdoms of Camelot Facebook has achieved considerable popularity. On the internet there are many sites that talk about this game. With the advance of the game you need to attack the barbarians to find food for their troops. The task is very tedious and then we can do - cheap koc gems

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