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    [Yoddha : Deva Sangram]

    Hello Guys?
    Today I introduce about [Yodahha : Deva Sangram] of RPG (Roll Playing game)
    This game last goal is collected many character and grow up to point than other people.
    Let see this game ingredient.

    [Various hero]
    What Your favorite character style? Cute? Sexy? or Handsome?
    This game has many and various character. start to cute girl until powerful old man.
    Collect your favorite style characters.
    In addition, you can listen your character story.

    [Upgrade your character]
    If you got your favorite style character, you should upgrade your character.
    Level 30 character is very powerful, but can more grow up to force to [upgrade], [conflation] and [weapon].
    If you had many force, you can easily clear to stage and got high rank.

    This system need 1 unnecessary character.
    Upgrade have fail per cent, but don’t worry.
    If you fail to upgrade character, you get success point.

    If you weld two same character, you get high rank character.

    If your character is powerful, you should give weapon to your character.
    Weapon is important to grow up one of grow up character thing
    In addition, you can upgrade to weapon like character.

    [another dungeon]
    this game has challenge stage and can get item stage.
    If you had powerful deck, you should infinity dungeon and honor dungeon.
    And if you want more Item, you should daily dungeon.

    (Honor dungeon)
    If you clear the stage, you can get honor

    (infinity dungeon)
    Try break your limit.

    (Daily dungeon)
    Choice your level Dungeon.
    If success clear, you can get many item.

    [Ranking System]
    You can compare to your force and another user in [Ranking system]
    Announce your nickname to other people and if you got to high rank, you can get many items.
    Rank initialize every Monday. I got 1300 Diamonds at last week.
    And this season My ranking is 21th.
    Maybe If other people not overtake to me, I get 2000 Diamonds :)

    This system can get Item while not playing game
    So maybe I think need to hard study student and office worker.
    You can get diamond, money and other item.
    Maybe you forgot to garrison finish time.
    But don’t worry. Your cellphone announced to finish garrison work to you.

    [Now is in progress to Event]
    Download and check this event.
    If you attend this event, you can get a lot of item.
    Event period is start to 9th of September until 9th of October
    Hurry to download.

    [THANK YOU!]
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    At level 10 you get harder, more stale. BETTER ARMOUR!



    GAME OVER!!!


    Anyway -

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