Whats the difference? New Madden or New FPS?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by digglerinc, Sep 2, 2008.

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    I know sports games are the "bottom feeders" of this website, but after reading post after post about how games like Madden are so similar from year to year, except for the graphic and roster updates, it made me wonder what makes Madden so shitty and all these FPS so great?

    All of these FPS are basically the same game. Each year, they get roster updates (nazis, terrorists, zombies, etc) and graphical improvements, but they gameplay is essentially identical. I move, I shoot. That's about it.

    Why does eveyone love COD4 so much, but wipe thier ass with Madden? I'm not defending EA or Madden, I agree that the creative drive to advance the game has all but disappeared,but it seems the same logic thats used to discredit Madden can be applied to any FPS since Castle Wolf or Doom. So what gives?
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    I think it's a broken argument on both accounts. Both FPS and sports games advance from game to game and generation to generation just as much as any other genre.
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    this should probably be in General, but before i move it i would like to respond.

    The difference between Madden and FPS from installation to installation is apples to oranges and your comparison does not work so well.

    In football games things are always going to be the same. The game is going to be played on a 100 yard field with 11 players on each side. The basic structure isn't going to change and therefore there is only so much innovation and change you can make. Where FPS aren't bound to that. In an FPS you are pretty much unlimited in the things you can shoot and where you can shoot them. This keeps genres like FPS fresh where sports games can get stale.
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    in a football game its always the same thing. one field two teams throwing a ball or running with it and tackling.

    FPS is my favorite type of game and i can play them all day if im not doin anything else

    Red Faction 2
    Red Faction
    Call Of Dutys
    Day Of Defeat Source
    Half Life Source and original
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    SOLDIER OF FORTUNE 2 DOUBLE HELIX (best fucking multiplayer FPS ever)
    Battle Field 2
    Unreal Tournament 2004 and 3
    POSTAL 2
    Halo i guess
    TRIBES (anyone remember that?)
    SWAT 4

    and the list goes on FPS games are the fucking best because it puts you in their shoes.

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