What was the last movie you watched?

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    Well, Hellboy was a bit disappointing. Which is interesting considering since I had not seen a trailer or anything, I wasn't hyped up about it. It's okay, but nothing special. It just seems to meander from scene to scene with dialog that often felt like it should be coming from one of SyFy's B movies, just with a higher budget for better special effects (seriously, there were like twelve Visual Effects studios listed in the credits).

    Then yesterday, I saw Shazam! This was a very fun movie. It had a bit of cheesiness here and there, a bit of a hokey ending, though that was offset by some very dark sequences earlier. All the actors did a great job. Though I swear, Asher Angel, the kid who played Billy Batson, often looked like a long lost twin of Maisie Williams. Definitely recommend if you like your DC films a bit more lighthearted than the earlier films in their connected universe.
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