What was the last movie you watched?

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    We rented Tag this weekend and it was actually pretty good. A bit raunchy here and there, but overall it was very funny, and had some decent action as Jeremy Renner's character avoided being tagged. Not necessarily a movie I feel a need to own, but would happily have it on in the background anytime.
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    Saw Venom on Friday.

    It was surprisingly okay. The movie starts off quite slow (origin stories and all) but I really did enjoy the chemistry and overall relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom.

    The story is overall average and some of the acting is downright bad, but I think the writing and directing had an obvious play, there.

    For a standalone movie that oddly has nothing to do with Spider-Man, it's okay. I wouldn't exactly rush out to the cinema to watch it, or buy it on Blu-Ray/DVD but hey, if you see it on Netflix or something, give it a watch.
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    I went and saw Venom. It was fun even if there was a bit too much forced comedy. And unless I missed something I didn’t see anything that could potentially exclude Venom from the MCU if they eventually decide to retroactively bring him in as part of the continuity

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