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    Basically need some quick advice. If you haven't played fable 3 and want to what I say isn't exactly a spoiler but some might consider it to be I don't go into detail but if you considered yourself spoiled read at your own risk and sorry.

    I'm 90% done in fable 3 I'm, about to finish but I'm trying to get the save every citizen achievement and do every good king action at the same time. I need about 7,500,000 or 8,500,000 I think to save every citizen (that much because of treasury losses) and I'm at 6,6something,000 and I'm almost to the point where I'm can stop stalling and finish the game. I know that after completing the main showdown thing there is some stuff I can do afterwards and was planning to use that time to get some achievements (I'm a achievement whore).

    Anyways Homefront comes out March 15th, I have gamefly and I know that if I have no games out around the 14th or 15th they'll send me homefront. I'm trying to decide if I should slowdown my playthrough of the rest of fable 3 and just play fable till it gets close to homefront or should I speed up, finish it, get a quick short game from gamefly then send that in before homefront comes out. Games shipping to gamefly from my campus takes maybe a day or 2 after I put it in the mail and about 2 to 3 to get to my family's house and another day for them to bring it to me (takes longer for gamefly to mail it to me). I don't mind keeping fable 3 but I feel if I keep it I'm wasting money and could be playing another game before homefront but I don't want to risk mail not getting here in time (faced the same problem when COD:BO released and the day I got GTA DLC game had to return it that same day in order for the timing to be correct). What do you recommend? I received Fable 3 from gamefly 1/28 and had it since then so I don't want to waste more money on one game (taken a long time cause I'm sort of a completionist and am trying to do as much as I can)

    Sorry about the long paragraph and thanks for any advice

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