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    Jul 23, 2010
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    (I don't belong here...)

    I got into gaming when I was too young to really remember anymore. My dad was into new stuff, so he was kinda into tech things. We had a Commodore 64. He used to freak us (me and my siblings) out doing scary character voices. Fun memories. We collected a number of consoles along the way. I felt we were lucky to be able to have new consoles as they came out. We couldn't really afford a lot of things, but I think whatever was the new thing coming out at Christmas was the item that my parents got for us (and partially for my dad too, in the earlier days), and we could share it, so we didn't need individual presents for each of us.

    My favourite console used to be the SNES, but I think it's probably the DS (I have a DSlite). I actually almost sold my DSlite when I wanted to get a 3DS, and I'm glad I didn't. I think it's a lot to do with the portability and that it doesn't tire my arms out too much if I want to play games lying in bed. ;P

    I feel like I don't play that many games anymore, so I'm not sure what to say about what I play. I'll buy them or acquire them, but they have a tendency to hang around (just like all my books...) or perhaps played just once. I suppose it's largely some co-op games to play casually with friends, or little puzzle games I can play on the couch or in bed.

    Outside of gaming, I like to write (like... physically write things... whatever it is (often poetry)), cook food for myself (I suppose that's largely a necessity rather than a hobby, but I enjoy doing it), and just chill with people. I'm always in the discord channel. Chat with me!

    My love can only be bought, so I'm not into sharing unless you have an offer to make. Show me whatcha got.
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    Hey there, I'm Maya and I live in Canada.
    To be honest, I started gaming when I was about 6-7. My first game console was Atari 2600 and the first game I played was Yars' Revenge (I think :D) and later on, I got introduced to Ms and MR Pac-Man.
    My favorite gaming console is Sega. I used to play Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Genesis, Sonic 3D Blast, Streets of Rage all the time. Wish there was a save option tho :p because every time my games crashed or needed a break, I had to start all over again...
    I like adventure, Horror, Mystery, Multiplayer, Survival games like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider games, and an exception for FIFA because I started to like it very much lately! and for times that I don't play games, I like to sing in karaoke, read books, workout, jogging and more!
    Thanks for this topic, really enjoyed reading others comments... ;)

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