Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men) [Model: TS112] - $4

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    Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men) [Model: TS112] - $48.00 : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE

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    Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men)

    [​IMG]Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men)

    Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men)

    $72.00 $48.00Save: 33% off

    Very Small
    Ankle Bracelet
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    Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men) Brief:
    Model: TS112Name: Tiffany & Co Gatelink Bracelets(men)Specification: length 7"Weight(g): 48.5Material: AAA+Other: sterling silver with 18k goldWe will ship order within 8-36 hours.
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