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    Am I the only one who hopes that Disney never reveals Rey's parents? I like to think that she is Luke's and Leia's daughter but Disney refuses to show that because of, you know, incest.

    They didn't actually know that they were brother and sister till episode VI, and they could've totally boinked before that revelation.Han was in carbonite for a while and Leia had to spend quite a bit of time alone. I think Rey is younger than Ben, though, which complicates that theory a bit.

    If you don't feel like talking about children concieved through incest, feel free to talk about any other star wars related topic you want.
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    I think there would be a lot of public backlash if there was no revelation of Rey's parentage.

    Beyond that, as you stated, her age makes that theory very unlikely. About as much as those who think she is somehow Obi-Wan's child since his voice is heard in her Force vision.
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    I hated that TFA had like five cliffhangers in it.

    Just give me one complete movie, dammit!
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    I'd like to see Rey's heritage revealed. I have to disagree, I doubt it would be uh... Luke and Leia. :p

    If anything, I'm pretty sure Rey is Luke's daughter. There are theories going around that she could be the daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is a cool idea, but it doesn't quite make sense.

    The Star Wars films have always been about the Skywalkers... Anakin, Luke and now I suspect Rey.

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