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    Hey everyone, I haven't been lurking or posting most of 2013, but I do miss you all!

    Anyways, I was a week or so from leaving my measly $8.50 an hour job (as a cook) to move to Colorado with a friend. 3 days before my last shift, one of my bosses comes to me and offers me the night Manager job (I work at a brewery/bar/restaurant in western NC). Includes the huge bachelor apt above the bar, 30k a year salary, and free food and drink! Told me to take a 2 week vacation, and move in and start my new position.

    I had already moved out of my old apartment, moved all my junk back to my parent's house, had a huge "going"away" party planned for last sunday, etc. I was literally 3 days from leaving town so it was super awkward to be like "just kidding! i'm your new boss." (I love all my coworkers, I just wanted to get out to CO)

    I turn 23 next week and I've never had an opportunity like this in my life, so I'm uber excited for this sudden change of events. Have any of you had fairly high paying or high responsibility jobs at a younger age? (note, I'm the youngest employee in the entire place, minus one dishwasher/prep guy)
  2. intoTheRain

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I have, it's good for you.

    Congratulations, you'll be superb.

    I kinda got dropped into a job luckily/randomly that paid a ton and had a ridiculous amount of responsibility at 23-24 years old. And am still here, and it was a blessing. Really turned me into a better, more mature person. Even though parts of it have been a nightmare, my life would probably be the nightmare had I not landed this job.
  3. UrbanMasque

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    May 16, 2007
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    Congrats man,

    Always good to hear people have been inactive because life has been fruitful to them.

    I also lucked into what would be an "adult job" out of college, but sometimes opportunity will shine on you if your ready for the responsibility. I started working with a startup that blew up ( but ultimately died), but that blowing up threw me into a more prevalent role that I was ready for intellectually but not ready for maturity wise ( in office behavior [still thinking "start-up"], presentation of materials, not setting work/life boundaries, etc). Money was great, but stress was high. Unfortunately, your relationship will slightly change with your current friends a bit - you can try to stay their friends which I encourage, but you've got to set boundaries that will preserve your friendship and stop them from taking advantage of you and vice versa. I was in production and not food services so it could be different, but there still might be some take aways to help you out.

    You're excited because you have ideas and probably passion, which is great. Free room and board with a salary ( most of your expenses are covered.. don't go blowing it all on hookers and PCP) If you can put some away event $200 a month - DO IT!. If I find out youre going to be pushing an M5 through town I'm going to be very disappointed.


    Learn from everybody:
    -motives of your employees
    -management styles of your bosses
    -work ethic and home life of "subordinates"
    -interacting with clients and peers
    -learn some hard skills in this new post, something that is valuable to your entire "industry"
    -learn so you'll be ready for your next gig if this doesn't work out.

    Don't mean to preach - but congrats man! Let us know where it is - so we can stop in for a drink (or call in and ask for Battletoads)!
  4. cyberjim2000

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    Feb 28, 2010
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    I need to stop playing World of Tanks because when you said "pushing a M5 through town" I thought you meant:


    Anyways, congrats, Raine on your new found opportunity. Sounds like a dream job.
  5. UghRochester

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    Jun 5, 2006
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    I'm the maint guy at my McDonald's. I started doing that when I was 19? I'm not quite sure, but I'm 22 now. I'm there by myself for a few hours. I control my own work and leave when we open up the following morning. I'm only making $9.10/hr 40 hours a week. So, this is what keeps me living.
  6. Green_Lantern

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    Yeah, I'm the youngest employee in my entire department, I have my own company vehicle and territory to cover - and the pay is pretty damn good for a trainee too.

    If I can offer one piece of advice from a business major (urban kind of touched on it but I'm taking it further) - start a Roth IRA and plan on maxing out your contributions every year. The sooner you start investing money the more you will have down the road.
  7. Bretimus_v2

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    Urbz and GL have it right, man. If I can say anything, stay humble. Great managers listen to their employees and lead by example. On top of that be smart with the money you're getting. If you're not going to have to pay room and board that is great money to put aside for the future and emergencies. If there is one thing I've been thankful for over the last 10years of adult life, it has been the emergency fund and setting aside for my future.

    Congrats, amigo.
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    I still remember my first real check. I'm pretty sure it amounted to everything I had made at Best Buy in almost 2 years in a single paycheck. I bought my first new car off the lot in cash in one payment*. Awesome, but a new level of responsibility takes its toll.
    Positions like these take a larger chunk out of your life and can affect personal relationships in ways you had not imagined simply because you're working different hours, more is being demanded of you, etc. In my time in management, I got to have conference calls, getting to meet the kiss ass snakes who shared my position up close and personal. Suddenly I was meeting my boss' bosses, hoping they liked me, too, or that glass ceiling would come into focus very early on, but opinions can change in time so not all is lost.

    Remember that the best leaders are great followers. Don't go in guns a blazing, changing things simply for the sake a changing them, instead learn the system that your employees are already used to first. If you change what they're already used to all in one month, it'll affect their moods pretty quickly. You don't want to be a push over, but you don't want to lose them within your first 4 months, either. Then once you get the hang if it, break your year down into 3 month quarters and set goals (even if only personal) to accomplish. Don't get too far ahead of yourself because time seems to go by faster in management so everything will happen at a more natural clip.

    Congrats, Raine. We're happy for you.

    *actually 2 payments, because i tried avoiding the IRS checking into me for making a payment over $10,000 so i paid the first in $9,000, but the dealership still reported it anyway (RACISM! jk), so I went ahead and paid it off on my second payment. i should've put it on credit to help boost my credit line, but whatev, i've had awesome credit since i was 16

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