One Must Fall 2097

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    So my friend comes over today, talking before he was like "yeah, we're totally gonna play PS3." But then he gets here, and says he has a better idea. A few seconds later, he's downloading stuff, and of course, I'm like "*sigh*, here we go..." He starts trying to play something, but it won't work. He reads the instructions, which were freakin' hilarious by the way, but they didn't have any real instructions at all.

    Soes I sits down and looks at it for a few seconds, and get it running with my mind. I'm still speculative at this point, but then he starts playing it, and it's pretty incredible.

    The game's called One Must Fall 2097, which I know some of you have heard of because one of the (worst) characters was a FCB entrant. It's an old game that runs on DOSBox, and it's probably more significant than most people realize.

    Let me just say, if this game got more attention, it would definitely be more popular than Street Fighter or Tekken. Along with it's funny manual and clever story, it has a very impressive tournament and credits/upgrade system (you're fighting with gigantic robots). You know the new movie with the guys that fight by controlling robots with their bodies? Their ideas possibly came from this game.

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