New Human Development Index Just Out,Very Few Countries Have Thriving Game Development Culture

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    Here are the 20 countries with highest Human Development Index in 2017 :
    1 Norway
    2 Switzerland
    3 Australia
    4 Ireland
    5 Germany
    6 Iceland
    7 Hong Kong, China (SAR)
    7 Sweden
    9 Singapore
    10 Netherlands
    11 Denmark
    12 Canada
    13 United States
    14 United Kingdom
    15 Finland
    16 New Zealand
    17 Belgium
    17 Liechtenstein
    19 Japan
    20 Austria

    I feel that only Australia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, US, UK, Japan and Finland are active (10 out of 20).

    I mean it's ok, i'm personally more than content with what the industry has been delivering in the last 2 years or so, and by no mean i'm demanding more countries to get involved in gaming development to fullfil my personal gaming-craving, but we should get our perspective straigthened out, and understand that this industry is still seen as 'juvenile' in the eyes of the world, and not alot of governemnts are posed to invest in this indutry, knowing full well that it is
    a. expensive
    b. too hard to make a breakthrough since only a few countries have the necessary know-how to develop high-quality games
    c. too indoctrinated in the stigma that only MMORPG or FPS will make break even, other genres are too niche to make up for the expenses

    Sometimes being grateful with what we have is the best outlook in life, we don't even deserve great games like Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Xenoblade Chronicles. So thank you, game developers, for all your efforts, (nah, i mean Japan, screw the rest).

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