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    Being a self proclaimed "Old School Gamer", I tend to miss out on the latest and greatest games until well after their popularity. I mean, I currently own a PS4 and majority of the titles I own are remakes or remasters so that I can go back and see why my college roommates wouldn't shut up about Final Fantasy XII or Kingdom Hearts. The only difference is that now I get to enjoy these games in high definition and with features that weren't available at the time. Also, having a PS Plus account, I get even more free games every month that keep me aware of some other more recent games that interest me. This is how I happened upon the game Journey.

    I was slightly aware of Journey when it came out in 2012. Games were not my priority then as I had just become a father and when I did manage to sneak a few brief moments of alone time, I was playing SNES games as that was the only console I had at the time. I read a few articles and heard on a few podcasts that Journey was revolutionary and that all gamers should play it at least once in their lives. That was all the exposure I had as games weren't a big part of my life at that time and so I moved one.

    Cut to 4 years later, I now own a PS4 and on my PS Plus account I see that Journey is one of free games. I download it and then on the next Friday evening (old men with jobs sometimes have to wait for the weekend to game) I decide I'm going to play it. I start a new game and I am immediately blown away by how beautiful it is. Everything is so smooth and flawless that I am immersed. Because of my rpg background, I also immediately start exploring to see just how far I away from the main linear path I can tread and I am pleasantly surprised that I am rewarded with achievements and pieces added to my scarf.

    As I continue through the game, I start to see other people who look just like me going the same way I am. I run over to one and start "speaking" to it wondering if it's another achievement to talk to all the NPCs along the way. The other guy speaks back and then runs along his merry way. I keep playing and as the story unfolds through the cutscenes between sections, I am taken aback at how a game can tell me everything I need to know with just pictures and music.

    I finally make it to the mountain, which is close to the end of the game. I remembered hearing that the end is the most astounding part of this game and as I was preparing myself to experience it I saw another person right next to me fighting to reach the top. We both struggled and struggled until we made it through the door of light at the same time.

    The ending of this game was one of the most exquisite experiences I have had in a long time. All of the time and effort I put into the few hours I spent playing were returned to me tenfold. And when I had the realization that the people I was meeting along the way were actual players as well brought me to tears. To have this one of a kind experience and then to suddenly find out that you shared with people you don't know and probably never will was beautiful. I had connected with other people through a screen and a controller.

    Once I was finished I immediately removed the game from my list. I knew that I would never be able to play this game and have the same feelings again. Some things are meant to be experienced once and in the moment. My Journey was one of them.

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