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    Even if they're awesome, links break up the flow of a review. So you have to make damn sure what you're linking to is worth clicking on. Otherwise, you waste my time.

    In the Sonic Riders review:

    The aging actor in progressively lamer films link
    So, the joke is Tom Cruise in a dress. Get it? He's a guy, but in a dress. Dude, Tom Cruise has gone SO far beyond tranny weirdness, that picture of him actually seems normal. And not particularly worth seeing.

    So nicely discovered for us
    This is a picture of a diver in a speedo tucked, with his ass in the air. Great. Now my gross looking guy picture quotient is full. This brings up a tangential point: how gay the links have become. Now, some of my best friends are gay. But that doesn't mean they're entertaining, or at least, not due to their gayness. I've gone through several phases with the latest GR links. First was "Ha! That's gay!" Then just "That's gay." Then "Gay." Now I have no response. I am completely gayed out. These links lately have been replacing GR's edge with man ass. Ass isn't funny. It's just ass. You have three options. At the very least, post some hot girl asses, just to change things up. At best, only link to things that are funny or interesting. And if you aren't sure what the hell to do, don't link at all.

    smack himself into a brick wall...
    This is a link to Wile E. Coyote holding a sign and looking pathetic. This is a coffee mug image, that belongs on porcelain around cheap coffee in depressing office spaces. Why did you show me this? Did you know that Tom Parker is a funny, charming writer? Why are you putting this dookie in his reviews?

    Revenge against nintendo
    What is worse, the thought that someone at GR made this image? Or that their lazy ass found it, and stuck it in an otherwise fine review? Discuss.

    Yes, it is a blinging psp. Yawn.

    needs the royalites
    This is worth linking to! But it should be at the beginning of the review, where Tom is wondering what happened to Sonic. Instead, it is at the end, the last in a long line of ill-conceived links. And what does this even have to do with royalties?

    What's more, Tom didn't ask you to put these links in. They were edited in. When you edit, you're supposed to make something better. But these links need to be edited out, because they are awful.
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    I agree completely. I haven't clicked a review link in months because I know they won't be funny or relevant.

    I said this a year ago. Hopefully Joe's comments will have more of an effect than Icepick's and mine did.
  3. Icepick

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    Dec 14, 2002
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    seriously, it's not even that it's unfunny, it's not that it breaks up the review (and it does both) it just cheapens the feel, seems like you're trying to hard to rely on relevant humor and stretching the context to bring in some pictures

    come up with your own wit while writing, don't rely on youtube and imageshack
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    I think the maximum number of links should be kept to around two or three, any more and (like Icepick said) it just feels cheap and it's slightly annoying.
  5. LinksOcarina

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    I usually go overboard on links....sorry.
  6. MikeyVassallo

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    LOL. When did Joe turn into the Forrester of

    I imagine he is sitting somewhere in the dark wearing a turtleneck stroking his thick and full beard just getting pissed at all the issues with reviews recently.

    LOL. I miss you Joe.
  7. dUKE

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    Mar 31, 1996
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    some good points. the 'revenge against nintendo' one is particularly bad.

    you forgot to mention the orson welles link though, which had me laughing my ass off. i sent that one to a couple friends.

  8. Nefro

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    The thing with the Orson Welles one is that its like 3 minutes long. People will get halfway through the review and end up forgetting about it because of some video.

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