Legend of Burning Fighters AKA PC Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu

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    For those who played Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu for NES and wanted even more, there's a freeware PC/Windows "sequel" to that game called Legend Burning Fighters.

    It's the same game but with improvements such as full edit mode, more fighters per screen (up to 8 as far against 4 on the NES version), extra boss Misuzu from Kunio-kun series (AKA big fat woman that beat you witha single slap), more weapons and other stuff.

    The game is in japanese, but after you figure out how to configure the controls, it gets A LOT better. If anyone has a translation for this game or would like to do, please it's be good.

    The recomemded configuration to this game is quite high: Pentium 4 3.0GHz and 512MB RAM!!!

    For those that never heard of Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu, it's a fighting game just as Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (for NES, AKA RiverCity Ramson), but played in arenas (total of 13), game can be played Free-for-All or in teams (maximum 8, yes you can have 8 players and 8 teams :lol: ), in the NES version you could only play Free-for-All (up to 4 players) or the story mode 2 VS 2 (1P&CP VS CP&CP or 1P&2P vs CP&CP). You can choose your characters from 4 diferents classes: Fighter (Kunio Kun class), Martial Artist (Riki class), Kung Fu (cool style) and Judo Master.

    Each class has it own style of fighting, combos and throwing. For example, Fighters has good punching, Judo is good for throwing and so on. Each arena has traps, which can have spikes, electrified walls, dogdeballs or just a mattress to people bounce. And when playing in teams, you and your partner can do an ultimate move which is invencible and takes a lot "energy" from other players, but it requires timing or you'll be throwing your teammate a lot.

    The edit part of the game is done within the folders of the game it self, it's just a copy and paste to edit your character from variou options of hair, eyes, nose, skin and so on and editing the game files.

    Well, the official website is this:

    Click at own risk. Not a GR safe link.


    The website is in japanese, but what you need is the 898KB file, which is the main game, and the link which is making as 8.73MB (it's 7.7MB really) file which is the music, not required to play the game but makes it a lot better. There's a .ips file, but I don't know what it's.

    Here's a screenshot of the Controls menu showing the default, ankward, controls:


    To get in this screen, go to the last option in the start menu and the last option again. The buttons are quite simple, A if for punch, B for kick, C if for defense, A+B jump and A+C that i forgot what's for, when I remember i'll post.

    If anyone have any problem with game options, just ask and I'll try to asnwer as soon as possible!

    Here's a couple of in-game screen shots:



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